Vince Patterson, World War II Merchant Marine: Thank you for your service and for your poetry — "I have tasted the salt of the sea "

Alabama, Louisiana are supposed to feel good about Trump attending the game last Saturday. Little is said about his leaving after his photo op.

Teachers squawking about a pay raise need to take it up with their beloved union.

Clay Bennett has been missing the point for weeks. But aren't all liberal social Democrats missing the point for years?

Most Republicans' critical thinking has been so impaired by Trump's constant lying and wholesale corruption that they no longer know or care about the truth.

Bloomberg? Seriously? Welcome to the nanny-state, America. Dems are floundering. They just don't have a winner among them. Sad.

Thank you, TFP, for showing the naturalization ceremony (Wednesday, page B1) of those individuals who have properly applied for citizenship and done the necessary work.

Trump made our economy great, our retirement stocks great. We greatly acknowledge this. But he is mentally unfit and will destroy us. Pray he resigns.

U.S. congressional motto: Money talks, integrity and ethics walk.

The Republicans' descent into, and acceptance of, sleaze, dishonesty and moral cowardice amazes me. Most of them couldn't be more clueless.

Democrats and Republicans should concentrate on improving the lives of all Americans and stop wasting time and money on impeachment.

This impeachment strategy will blow up in the Dems' face in the short term, but will harm the GOP in the long term. America loses both ways.

The most hypocritical thing is Christians defending Trump. It is a travesty. He represents everything Christianity does not. Wake up, Christians.

I would love to see Congress investigate politicians' sons and daughters' involvement in profiting from their parents' influence while in office.

The biggest threat to farmers is suicide. The trade war and climate change have left many in insurmountable debt. The war was avoidable.

Watching City Council kowtow to developers, why do they bother to meet? Instead, rubber-stamp whatever builders want, and spare us citizens the futility of objection.

Why is Sheriff's Deputy Daniel Wilkey still being paid? And where is Sheriff Hammond? Not a word from this guy in months. He should resign.

Clay Bennett does not hate Donald Trump. Trump is just easy to make fun of due to his idiotic behavior.

Will the city, county, whoever, please do something with Graysville Road. Y'all should be embarrassed by how much better it is upon entering Catoosa County.

Catoosa voting process just slightly longer, but absolutely, positively guarantees you are a legal, qualified resident. Dems will hate it, and probably whine again.

The first half of Ron Hart's Nov. 8 column was so full of name-calling and lies that I didn't bother to finish it.

How about I start a petition for every working person in the county to sign to publicly strong-arm/shame every boss into giving all workers a raise?

About the sewer line insurance: Has Mayor Berke purchased one of these policies? This is a scam that preys on the poor and ignorant.

If you bring your dog to a dog park, please read the rules and follow them. It's not hard. Honestly, some owners should be put on leashes.

I really enjoy your newspaper. Lived in three cities. The TFP is the most balanced.

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