Veteran appreciated the grateful "thank you" from East Brainerd Dunkin' Donuts employee on Veterans Day.

GOP crash — President Trump hijacked the Republican plane, terrorized the crew and now is flying it into the ground. Unlike Boeing, he cannot blame a computer glitch for massive election casualties.

Most Americans are not watching the impeachment hearings because they are working to make a living, unlike the Democrats who have wasted millions of dollars trying oust Trump.

Does this impeachment business make the Bidens less guilty?

The question today: Who will the Democrats blame for the loss in 2020? President Trump? Mitch McDonnell? Adam Schiff ? Nancy Pelosi? The Russians themselves?

Veterans Day on TV: Fox News had a citizenship ceremony; MSNBC had a one-hour interview with Ringo Star. Patriotism at its best and worst.

In 2017 FedEx paid $1.5 billion in taxes. 2018 they paid nothing. Only difference? Trump's tax cuts. Guess who gets to take up the slack?

Where's the list of moronic lawmakers who legalized CBD/hemp before we have the technology to distinguish it from illegal marijuana?

Trump is doing a great job draining the swamp. Manafort, Gates, Cohen, Flynn, Stone, Papadopulos. On deck, Giuliani, Sondland, Perry, Don Jr., Mulvaney, and also Don Sr.

Impeach means to call into question the integrity or validity of. Thank you, House of Representatives, for doing your job.

I heard you did something I don't like. Sounds like you. I don't have any facts, but you are guilty and you will pay. Impeach.

Democrats are having a field day! Hosting a witch-hunt on Trump is more fun than doing your job. Go back to work.

Trump can obstruct the impeachment process because the executive and legislative branches of government are coequal? Nonsense. That would make the impeachment power meaningless.

Obama was not a truthteller: You like your coverage, keep it; I can't make immigration laws, then DACA; Benghazi started from video. History purifies.

Curious memory issues in the executive branch. New requirement for holding office? Easy amnesia?

With all of these people coming forward saying they overheard Trump's phone call, how big was the room? It had to be as big as Memorial Auditorium.

The Founding Fathers would be embarrassed. Republican acceptance of Trump's sleaziness, constant lying, military cowardice, and obvious high crimes and misdemeanors would undoubtedly mortify them.

So you don't like the call. Nothing illegal. You don't like the elected president. Too bad. You are wasting our time and money and tolerance.

Blackburn, Fleischmann and DesJarlais keep expressing their Trump devotion. Like frogs in gradually heating water, they will never realize it when they've just been boiled.

What genius lets EBT users buy lobster and bottled lattes with taxpayer money and can't buy soap, toilet paper and feminine hygiene products?

To those expressing outrage at the Lookouts situation, please include the number of games you attended at AT&T Field last year.

Just want to point out that many of TFP's Clay Bennett's spot-on political messages morph from political cartooning into beautifully drawn portrait art. We are lucky to have him here.

To pay for the BID, downtown businesses now having to make choices: increase prices, reduce donations, reduce support of local sponsorships. Thanks, Kim White and River City.

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