Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness does not mean the government provides free health care, especially for those who don't care for themselves.

Trump. Woof. Electoral college. Woof. Russia. Woof. Collusion. Woof. Ukraine. Woof. Quid pro quo. Woof. Extortion. Woof. Bribery. Woof. Impeachment. Woof. Dems repeat woof, woof.

Why can't Trump be indicted on charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust like his pal Benjamin Netanyahu? Trump is just as corrupt.

Obama withholds aid to Ukraine, then sends blankets. Trump withholds aid, then sends missiles. Impeach which one?

If by some strange chance Trump is impeached and removed from office, can he be re-elected for president in 2020?

GOP senators meet with Trump to plan defense — should they look at evidence first. They also open a new smear plan with an investigation of Biden family.

Due process. Innocent until proven guilty. Right to defend yourself. Out the window with Dems. Lord help. We're going to hell in our deplorable handbaskets.

Schiff is going for a drama award. Honestly, it's a big show, shallow and void of facts, full of speculation, projections, presuppositions, feelings and emotion.

Devin Nunes strategy — generate a thick smokescreen, ignore witness comments, appeal to TV audience and whine about those mean old Dems. And look real mean!

I've voted Republican more often than not. It's so sad to see the party putting its loyalty to party or one person over country.

How sad that the secretary of the Navy is forced to resign because he tried to discipline a Navy Seal who posed with a dead prisoner.

In the adult world, we live by facts, truth and sound judgment. Snowflakes live by emotions, triggers, feelings, assumptions; thus, arrested development. Very shaky stuff.

A secret sauce for UTC: Get into a conference that we actually care who UTC plays.

Sean Hannity is not a source for factual news. He is not a journalist. He doesn't interview journalists. He's a TV personality, that's all.

Disagree with #MoscowMarsha. More appropriate is her relationship with Donald, #A$$KissingMarsha.

Kudos to Firebirds Wood Fired Grill for providing veterans on Veterans Day with a free meal. What a great gesture!

Instead of piling leaves, branches, and twigs in the street in front of your house, why not put them in your wooded backyard to decay?

Twice as many jobs as Tennessee unemployed. Stop the handouts. Most people can work if they want to. Just not much motivation. They need some.

In Nov. 16 editorial, Clint Cooper writes that Democrats haven't grasped Trump's personality. As in poor, misunderstood Donald. Most asinine political commentary ever.

Still see people driving while on the phone. Police should cite these people.

Why was the best part of Snow Hill Road in Ooltewah newly paved and the worst part left unpaved? Also Providence Road is a mess.

It doesn't take very long to read the TFP sports section after I skip over all the coverage of its featured team, the Georgia Bulldogs.

My faith in humanity affirmed: I lost my wallet at the Gunbarrel Road Walmart. Called 36 hours later; retrieved the wallet. There is goodness in life, folks.

Our streets would be in better shape if utilities that cut into the pavement made better patch jobs. Most patch jobs are terrible after a short time.

OK, we all know Mister Rogers was a good guy, but enough already. It's time we give Captain Kangaroo the recognition he deserves, too!

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