If you truly believe that prayer and fasting are ineffectual and God doesn't exist, don't concern yourself about it. Leave it to those of us who know that He is.

To the ranter who claimed Gov. Lee's day of prayer was "forcing religion" on citizens did someone come into your house and force you to pray?

If, as McConnell says, the Senate would have to take up an impeachment resolution, why didn't it have to take up a Supreme Court justice nomination?

Nancy Pelosi said nobody is above the law. What if President Trump moved to a sanctuary city in California? Could she impeach him then?

Prison pals: If Trump drags his personal lawyer, his secretary of state and his AG to jail with him, won't it bring new meaning to "chain gang"?

Does the TFP plan to devote as many headlines when this latest fake story by the left is exposed? Stop regurgitating the false AP stories.

Why does the Rant often print right-wing, obvious falsehoods? Unhinged opinions are one thing. Repeating outright lies is not a good look for the paper.

Trump has improved our country's economy greatly. What have the Democrats done for our country other than attacking POTUS with something new each week?

MAGA folks make the mistake of believing everything Trump says and not looking at his behavior. Anyone can say anything, but behavior tells more truths.

Impeach everyone you don't like: the president, Supreme Court justice, any elected official, officer, judge, your neighbor pay attention. You are next!

You had to know that it would all eventually come crashing down when an egomaniac with no scruples moved into the Oval Office.

Surely all the people slamming Christians for voting for Trump don't think that Hillary was the more godly candidate? Conservative justice selection reigned supreme.

How can Joe Biden brag about a quid pro quo and President Trump can't? Or can quid pro quo only be used by Democrats ?

Impeach President Trump, and when that fails, impeach every leader and stooge of the Democratic Party.

How far have we sunk to go from the statesmanship of Howard Baker during Watergate to Trump's sycophant Marsha Blackburn?

It looks more and more as if the deep state that wants to destroy our constitution is headed by Trump. Ms. Pelosi, please drain the swamp.

Sens. Alexander and Blackburn say they've not had time to read the whistle-blower's complaint. It is nine pages. Intentional ignorance does not represent Tennessee citizens.

Trump rants that are not printed the week they're submitted are out of date the next week because by then he has already done something worse.

New Hippocratic oath says hit 1 for this doctor, 2 for this doctor, etc., etc. Leave message. We might call you back before you die.

Some Americans without medical insurance but never without care. We who make healthy lifestyle choices pay for those who don't. Penalize them, not me.

Why does the Ironman have to run the length of Market Street? Bikes can't turn corners, or fear of losing the limited spectators along the route?

Pam Sohn, you are a genius, the way you made Joe and Hunter Biden sound like Diogenes searching for truth and justice in the Ukraine.

I want to thank the reader for suggesting an important pagan symbol, a decorated evergreen, in front of the Aquarium in December.

Thoughts and prayers for those injured and killed by vaping. Remember, it's not the vape that kills, it's the person who pulls the vapor.

Take your blood pressure first thing Sunday morning. If it's low, read editorial pages and rants. If it's high, read Mark Kennedy and Bill Stamps.

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