Why didn't Bernie Sanders go to Sweden for his heart problem? He glorifies its health care system. Good for me, but not Bernie?

I do not see how anyone with a brain can still support Trump.

Response to a recent rant: I did not vote for Trump because of his behavior but because of his policies.

Now Hamilton County commissioners want to impose a wheel tax for schools? Seriously? Tone deaf.

Twice, Trump asked foreign governments (Russia and Ukraine) for illegal election aid. See U.S. Code 30121. Google it.

Inquiry? Political theater? Nancy Pelosi needs to put up or shut up.

Trump's daily priorities: first, watch Fox News. Second, spew hate on Twitter. Third, golf. He does this " for the American people."

Even the crickets are silent over Republicans' refusal to condemn Trump's efforts to solicit foreign governments to aid in his election.

Trump's defenses all sound like Nixon's — if he did it, it wasn't illegal. I can't wait to vote Mr. Above-the-Law out of office.

Adam Schiff harassing President Trump looks like Wile E. Coyote chasing the Roadrunner, except Wile E. Coyote has greater success.

When a president considers himself the unaccountable authority on every foreign and domestic affair, it is time to get rid of him. Impeach Trump.

So it has come to this: Trump stands on the south lawn of the White House and shoots the Constitution. And he will get away with it. Sad.

GOP senators do an injustice to the very people they represent and the oath of office they took to uphold the Constitution.

I think that Pelosi, Schiff, Waters, Harris, and the other California politicians should clean up their own backyard, especially San Francisco and Los Angeles, first.

Fact: In 1978 the top 1% owned 23% of this nation's wealth. Not bad, but now it is 40%! How? Big money and resulting government policies.

Unum invests $40 million in creating casual workspace. A lot of policyholders could use that money as a refund. Who wants casual customer service?

The handshake with the Kurds has turned into a slap in the face. The U.S. has lost all credibility in the world.

The wheel tax idea must mean no county commissioners are up for re-election in 2020. Remember, school district will need tens of millions for buildings.

So Dade County discovers zoning laws can be useful. Too bad the horse is out of the barn. Sometimes the "guvment" is your friend.

I live in Lookout Valley and pay both city and county taxes. What services do I get from the county?

Hixson Cardiac Rehab patients booted (former classroom now unused), then YMCA drops Silver Sneakers. Message: geezers in the way; seeek retirement home, "Waiting For God."

Want to solve all the problems on Capitol Hill, regardless of party? Term limits. Problem solved.

Make Rants great again. Split rants into comments about local issues. Then have separate section for Trump complaints. Otherwise rename it "Trants."

Well, well [Jeremy] Pruitt got his head out of a vacuum. If he had not kicked Banks off team, all respect and moral support for both he and UT would be gone.

Dear TFP Editor, how much more of your bias (Bennett trash on Page F1) must we endure before we cancel subscriptions?

Chamber of Commerce: good living in Chattanooga! Baptism by a cop and beautiful skin by Hamilton County Schools. Education? Not.

Love my Sunday paper. Also love Stamps, Kennedy, Mullen and Dana Shavin. Good reading for Sunday.

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