Coyote Jack's enablers should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

I will be embarrassed to admit to my grandchildren I voted for Donald Trump. At least I can tell them I only did once.

The media is saying how do we know if Trump is telling the truth? Well, how do we know if Biden, Pelosi or other Democrats are?

"The Joker" movie won't incite Trump supporters. The weapons, masks and violence make it look more like an Antifa documentary.

What is it the Christian evangelicals like about Trump? His lying, sex deviance, disrespect for women, foul language, name calling or cheating working people?

Democrats tout: What can your country do for you. Republicans say: What can you do for your country. Vote accordingly. Pretty simple.

Wishy-washy GOP congressional leaders play dumb, afraid to criticize Trump because he might survive, and afraid to defend him because he might not.

Don't you find it interesting the richest Democratic presidential candidates are the most socialist? Have they thought this through? They could voluntarily redistribute their wealth.

The most powerful military in the world is in full retreat because of an incompetent amateur. Don't be surprised when ISIS attacks the U.S.

A writer to the TFP said that Democrats can walk and chew gum at the same time. Maybe. But so far, they haven't done either.

Turning off electric power in California is stupid, stupid, stupid.

Did prayers on the Day of Prayer include prisoners? Did our praying Gov. Lee accept the invitation to pray with those on death row?

Those complaining about Gov. Lee's prayer day will one day wish they had heeded it.

What does WWTA do with the millions of dollars collected each month from Hamilton County residents and businesses?

So Andy Berke recused himself from the Coyote Jack debacle, his uncle's money machine which endangered the public and police. That's greed-driven cowardice, pure nepotism.

Once-respected Mayor Trohanis joined forces with John Anderson to ruin Walden's charm. His legacy is set.

Is it just coincidence that you reported that Tennessee ranks 10th in medical debt on the same day you reported that Thomas Frist, co-founder of HCA, is worth $11.5 billion?

LeBron James doesn't understand that all the protesters in Hong Kong want is freedom.

Seventeen deaths from vaping and states are "taking action;" 11,000 gun -related homicides (30,000 total gun deaths) ... crickets.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could post your opinion on Facebook or elsewhere without getting threats or blasted with profanity? This country has sure gone downhill.

Parking meters need to be checked. Tried two credit cards and neither worked. There are more important things than ticketing cars.

My local postmaster reeks of alcohol, which helps explain why mail delivery in my neighborhood is a crapshoot.

"Passionate" interruptions at Chattanooga City Council meetings are about as effective in changing minds as intolerant Facebook political screeds. Give 'em up!

Which absolute certainty is easier to swallow, the county commission denying a wheel tax vote or the public turning it down in a referendum?

Walden Town Board: Please don't let developers dictate what the zoning should be for all the people in Walden. This is your legacy.

I nominate [TFP columnist] David Cook to be conscience of Chattanooga for his insights and self-awareness on the topic of race and other sensitive issues.

To a recent "Ranter." Too bad for you, TFP award-winning cartoonist Clay Bennett will be around a long time. He is fantastic and a Chattanooga treasure!

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