LaJeromeny Brown: Thrilled to see LJ has made it to the NYC ballet. My meager donation to get him there was well spent.

Well, teachers taught the students, tests were taken, scores went up, Central Office gets the raise!! Good job, Dr. Johnson.

Our president says journalism is "nothing more than an evil propaganda machine for the Democratic Party." If that doesn't scare you, it should.

If Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the DNC bans cars, planes and power plants, how will Hillary get to India to do her 'bash America tours'?

Following a mass shooting, Trump talks background checks until LaPierre calls him up and reminds him the NRA controls his campaign. Trump is weak.

OK, Trump has Twitter fingers and a big mouth. Hit your mute button. Economy is good. We are winning.

I am Jewish, knowledgeable, loyal to my beliefs of who is the best candidate/party to run this country. None of those words describe Trump.

Well, I'll be darned. A judge decided to get off his gravy train — early. It doesn't look good for a judge to fire a gun in his office, after all.

Trump played golf 218 times by Aug. 10. We taxpayers pay travel and fees. So far, that's $105 million. His campaign promise? No golf while president.

Integrity and character matter. Trump has neither. He is a liar, a sexual abuser, and knows or cares little about values that truly matter. He should resign.

Pelosi tried free non-qualifying mortgages in 2006-2008. Result: Great Recession. Liberals now want free down payments/no closing costs. Resultant: Great Recession II.

The House passes legislation that "Moscow Mitch" then sits on. This is how the GOP "legislates."

Tlaib and Omar spend more time proving they are superfluous than any other member of their party.

All these who are aiding and abetting the illegals should be arrested and deported, too. This is treason and needs to be stopped.

Boycott "Dancing with the Stars" because of Sean Spicer? Get a life people (Democrats). Does everything have to be political?

Instead of a BID, which does zero for economic development, why doesn't River City focus on a free parking garage downtown to spur economic development?

Kudos to David Cook for his column on bias training last Sunday. I wonder how many readers took the time to take the bias quiz and what they learned.

Why did it take Superintendent Bryan Johnson 19 days to respond to the critics of the "white privilege " program for teachers?

Apartment developer John Wise understands modern standards in building a chicken plant. But no, he's not planning one on the 300 acres he just bought in North Georgia.

Why would a community that cannot even clean a downtown sidewalk have any expectation that it could successfully teach children to read at grade level?

A racist is a conservative who is winning an argument with a liberal.

I agree with columnist [Jay] Greeson: How about local groups get cracking on stopping gun violence in their communities? It takes a village, remember?

If your only means of winning a political seat is hoping for a recession, why would I vote for you if I lose my job ?

Pilgrim's Pride should not be punished. It has been here longer than the apartments were ever thought of. Shame on you, Chattanooga.

Sorry, Pruetts, but I'm a capitalist and believe in competition. Another grocer might help you up your game.

Clay Bennett is the best. So well-stated with his Red and Blue hats. No wonder he constantly gets awards.

A ranter asked what bills Dems have passed for the working American. More than 100 bills await Senate action, but Moscow Mitch refuses to put them to vote.

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