Waiting patiently for Dems to make anti-Trump accusations concerning Hurricane Dorian as to why it is hitting the USA and not Greenland.

I cannot hear the reporters' questions over the noisy helicopter engine at President Trump's news conferences in front of the White House. Intentional?

When the president makes outrageous claims and accusations he knows are false or illegal, "just kidding" is not acceptable. The damage is already done.

Donald is working on his presidential library. All three books will be printed in China and crayons are included.

Want to secure Social Security ? Remove the Social Security contribution caps. Now.

While Congress and Moscow Mitch enjoyed their summer break, doing nothing about gun control, seven more people died in Odessa. Thanks for nothing.

Bravo to Walmart for its stance on ammo. No God-given or Constitutional right to ammo. We have to start somewhere.

I'll bet Ward and June Cleaver would never have imagined kids with bullet-proof backpacks and teacher bullet-wound training. What's happened to us?

To City Council members, why do y'all let Councilman Erskine Oglesby (also River City board member Oglesby) participate in BID discussion/decision. This just isn't right.

In this world today, to assume a 13-year-old boy or girl does not know or understand right from wrong is a false assumption.

Calling on all county government double dippers/city government retirees to donate their salary increases to student scholarships.

Litter can be solved if everyone would "pick up" at least one piece of litter everywhere they stop and get out of their car.

Odd that all of your articles are silent on the purpose of school vouchers being used to subsidize Christian schools.

Trump wants to rake the forest to prevent wildfires. Drop a nuclear bomb to stop a hurricane. How about admitting climate change is happening.

Pumpkin-flavored Spam? Are you kidding me? Ugh.

Retirees with IRA accounts and the rich are benefiting mostly from this economy which we can sustain along with finding solutions to many issues without Trump.

Whew! Aren't we glad Mar-a-Lago dodged a bullet? No telling how Trump would have raided taxpayer money to make repairs.

OK, folks, let's do it. Boycott automobile industry owners forever! Courts have more important cases than a sandwich. Jeez.

Columnist David Cook is a gem. He makes me uncomfortable. I am OK with that. Not sayin' he's changing my mind, but I enjoy his work.

The FDA is the largest drug pusher, legal and illegal, in America. A very corrupt government agency easily proven on the take.

A study gave Tennessee a C in education and an F in quality of life; then we celebrated Nathan Bedford Forrest Day. See any connection?

In order to be "Fair and Balanced" I think that Clay Bennett's political cartoons stink.

Still amazing we have public officials — like Nashville's mayor — asking that state laws be changed so people can more easily break the law.

Question to TFP: Why doesn't atheism get any coverage? Answer: Because there's no there there.

Motor voter? No! Driver's license requires tests. Voter registration, though simple, ought to at least require a tiny bit of effort.

TFP headline: "Charter schools celebrate success"; now, if only school board, district administrators and teachers could get aboard.

Fulmer: Please have mercy on us; we can't take any more. Disband the program and forfeit the rest of the games.

If you REALLY want to understand any problem in America, you need to focus on who profits from that problem, not who suffers from it.

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