The president wanted to keep out "very bad people" fleeing the hurricane in the Bahamas but wanted to allow some Taliban to come in.

To the person who submitted the letter "President's past deeds irrelevant": I wonder if she felt the same when Bill Clinton was president.

If Dems are doing so well for the 2020 elections, why are the ratings of MSNBC and CNN down, and Fox News up?

At this point I wonder: How many AR-15s are worth the life of one child?

Democrats want to ban so-called assault weapons. Can anyone remind me what type of assault weapon Timothy McVeigh used to kill 166 individuals in Oklahoma City?

One cannot read and understand the Bible or the Mueller report and still find Trump acceptable as president.

Nero fiddled while Rome burned; Trump golfed while Dorian churned.

Maybe Donny Trump could be the junior forecaster with Paul Barys on WRCB.

Details are irrelevant. Truth over facts. These statements from top Dem candidate. This is the best they have. Sorry state of affairs for our nation.

"Sleazeball" — Google it and see which politicians name and picture belongs right beside it.

Letter from "Torch Atlanta" tells us exactly what is wrong with lefties, that is, uneducated, hate-filled bigots. Just insane.

Don't be lazy, catch up with technology and set up voicemail. You won't have to call back to find out who and why.

Can Chattanooga not get the homeless out from under the bridges and downtown areas where our tourists and guests are? Surely with the right leadership.

Having Ray Lewis on "Dancing with Stars" is a slap in the face to some Atlanta families.

When is Sen. Marsha Blackburn going to be held accountable for her responsibility in helping cause the opioid crisis?

Congratulations to Walmart, Kroger, CVS, and Wegmans. How about it, Publix, up for the challenge?

I ride motorcycles and can see into most cars. Almost everyone I see holding a phone or texting while driving is a woman. Hang up and drive.

It's a sad commentary on our sick gun culture that Walmart cares more about my safety than my so-called "representative" in Congress.

Never in history has a political party tried to subjugate the population and take away its guns like today's Democrats. Why?

I wish so much that couples would put their engagement announcements in paper again. [I] enjoyed reading them. Thank you, Renee and Erik.

Not against new Walden businesses. Against large, regional supermarket which doesn't fit Walden's rural character and small-town atmosphere. Dangerous traffic issues will result.

Let's hope Bill Hagerty, if he is to be the heir apparent, is a senator along the lines of Howard Baker, Fred Thompson, Bill Frist and Bob Corker.

Will the last person out of Collegedale please turn out the lights!

What can we do to entice Jim Coppinger to kindly retire and leave the job to someone who can think a bit more out of the box?

Concerning the admitted crimes of ex-policeman Desmond Logan: What did Chief David Roddy know and when did he know it?

Hey football fans. I was born in in West Virginia, attended Florida State, and reside in Tennessee. Would appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

2020 campaign signs already are up in East Brainerd. What's up with the assessor of property race that signs are needed now?

I'll admit it! I'm addicted to the comics! I adore Pickles by Brian Crane. He hits the nail right in the head for us "old" folks! May it continue forever!

Praising not ranting: The beautiful letter, "Diversity enriches all of us," on front of last Sunday's Perspective section. Go back and read it if you haven't.

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