WILL THE DEMOCRATS ever quit whining? Now it is about Kavanaugh. I suppose all the Democrats have been perfect little angels growing up.

YOU CAN'T BE A comedian on "SNL" if you have a history of racist remarks. You can, however, be president.

WHAT IF MEXICO offered the same benefits to illegal immigrants as the USA? Wouldn't need the wall and would keep the Democrats quiet.

WILL "COMRADE TRUMP" win in 2020? Yer, darn Putin. Right, Moscow Mitch?

WHEN A DEM SAYS, "Let me be clear ...", and you will hear it across the board, get ready: You will get nothing but gobbledygook.

I READ TRUMP called himself a "very stable genius" again. Did he write that in Sharpie?

WE LIVE TODAY in an America where hate is promoted as a Christian virtue. Clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness and humility

WHEN TRUMP LEAVES the office of president, what will Trump supporters do to get their dignity back?

BETO O'ROURKE SAID, "We are going to take away your AR-15s." We? Who's we? The Politburo? Joe Stalin?

PRESIDENT TRUMP said John Bolton was "not very smart" when he fired him; however, he was the one who hired him!

BETO WANTS MY AR-15; what about my 600-horsepower street car (0-100 mph in 8.5 seconds)? Both kill.

RON HART SAID on TV, "Walmart followed Dick's Sporting Goods in banning gun sales. Why is Walmart starting to act like Dick's"?

I READ and understand the Bible. It's clear that God puts leaders, kings and authorities over us that he selects and we need.

IF IRAN DID attack Saudi oil fields, why would Americans be willing to go to war, risking American lives and dollars, to defend Saudi interests?

OUTRAGE AND handwringing over average student debt of $34,000. Pales in comparison to $67,000 owed by every U.S. citizen for our national debt. Wake up!

MIDDLE EAST: Vietnam we quit, packed our bags and came home. The controlled Democratic Congress cut off President Ford's money. Time to do the same.

CLAY BENNETT NEEDS to get a few things right about this country before he makes comments about other countries.

MARSHA, MARSHA, afraid you are now the new opioid queen for all your supportive legislation.

YEA OR NAY ON sheriff? Chattanooga law enforcement stinks. Cover up for buddy, oh yeah. Dirty.

THE CITY OF Collegedale would do well to watch a few Andy Griffith episodes and model themselves after Sheriff Taylor rather than Deputy Fife.

I GUESS THE money "supposedly" going for raises has gone into a severance package. Thanks again, Kevin. Take the money and run.

WATER COMPANY: USE your waterlogged brain. People ignore anonymous robo calls. If you call customers with emergency updates, identify yourself on caller-ID.

TAWC: THE WATER MAIN break occurred during a scheduled maintenance event. Translation: Our backhoe operator messed up and dug into the wrong pipe.

MARTY HAYNES — THE election isn't till March! Why the signs on East Brainerd Road? Take them down!

LET'S BUILD AN amusement park at Wheland Foundry property. Every great city needs a great Ferris wheel.

WALDEN GETS A supermarket. More traffic. Then what? Waffle House, Chick-fil-A, Love's truck stop. Bring it on!

IF LOWER MILL ROAD, east of the railroad crossing, gets much rougher, we won't be able to travel on it without harming our vehicles.

WE THOUGHT OUR teachers would get a 2.5% raise. Instead, Johnson stole that money to hire "feel good" positions — counselors, social workers, etc.

TENNESSEE FOOTBALL COACH says the team will be OK. The Vols will be lucky if they win three games.

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