Trump said his tie was blue but it was gray. Impeach him! Hillary is president! Long live the Democrats. On and on and on. Yawn.

People who believe that Trump is the answer obviously misunderstood the question.

If AOC is right, we should be able to secure some 12-year mortgages.

Without the attacks on President Trump, the TFP would only have sports and obits to print.

Trump's remarks about the passing of journalist Cokie Roberts: "She never treated me fairly but I wish her family well." Always about himself. Repulsive.

Climate change deniers are like Nero fiddling while Rome burns.

Hey, kids: You drive a car? Eat meat? Then stop. Put your actions on display.

To name-calling politicians and tit-for-tat rulers: Grow up and stop acting like playground bullies. Your puerility wearies the mature and civilized mind.

There should be a federal law requiring the media to quote one named source to confirm the whole story.

White privilege has not benefited me with a $1 million/year income, a 15,000-square-foot house, a Porsche Turbo.

While GOP congressional leaders and the president twiddle their thumbs, American manufacturers, retailers, utilities and youth take on gun, climate change and vaping issues.

Touching that Trump hates Ukraine corruption. He could also take a big step toward ending it here: Resign.

Difference between your AR-15 and your car? You must have a registration, insurance, drivers license. You risk death or injury, too. AR-15? Cash-gunshow.

Gov. Lee's Oct. 10 day of prayer and fasting will once again demonstrate the ineffectiveness of prayer to a nonexistent god.

Sen. Gardenhire, how can you register to vote online if you don't have internet access?

Save some money — even if you think your job is secure.

Walmart is going to quit selling e-cigs, but continue to sell regular cigarettes.

So the world ends in 12 years. Seems to be a very drastic measure just to get rid of those pesky 13-year locusts.

$15/hour has caused 1,000 restaurants to close in Seattle, Washington. If you can't find work, what good is $ 15/hour?

Ferris wheel: Wonderful idea. I also would like to see a large Christmas tree set up downtown for the holidays in front of Aquarium.

Walden, you need to think about the environmental impact and other issues before you approve a large grocery store, etc., that does not align with the town's mission statement.

Entitled bicyclist from Lookout: Stay in your lane, or I could run you over in my below-average vehicle. Signed, an undereducated, overtaxed Everyman.

Yes, living things are carbon-based. Doesn't mean excess in atmosphere and water isn't upsetting the balance that supports life on earth. Wake up!

If my memory has not failed, the U.S. Constitution requires separation of state and religion. Is not a day of prayer forcing religion on people who may not wish it?

I live by the train yard. It's obnoxious to me that nothing has been done about the noise yet. Something needs to be done.

Strike up the band. Pam Sohn is now cheering for America to have a recession. Her two-year Russian collusion hoax didn't pan out.

Antonio Brown, Robert Kraft, and Ben Roethlisberger all have sexual misconduct charges against them; however, Antonio Brown is the only one out of the NFL.

I heard that Garth Brooks is coming to Neyland Stadium, where he is a 14-point favorite.

Left side of TFP page is a big gray smudge. This is the second time I've seen this in the past month.

Congratulations to Colt firearms. Now only those individuals actually requiring the AR-15 weapon will be allowed to purchase them.

"When all government shall be drawn to Washington as the center of all power, it will become as oppressive as the government from which we separated." Thomas Jefferson

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