Network news one night last week had the audacity to squander nearly three minutes of air time covering non-coronavirus subjects.

Hospitals and nursing homes: Were you told to keep death numbers on the down low? Now is not the time for secrecy.

Why doesn't the media report the number of negative coronavirus tests? This number would probably surprise everyone. Oh, this would be good news!

If citizens had an unrestricted right to vote, that might mean that the party with fewer votes might lose elections. Can't have that.

When you become so afraid of dying that you're afraid to live, is that really living?

Remember, just because you died with the virus doesn't mean you died from the virus.

Poor Joe Biden. He cannot even criticize the president with cohesive, coherent sentences. This is the candidate the Dems put forth. Best you got? Represents you!

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a real leader should be leading the national coronavirus briefings, and not President Trump.

What possible good could come from Trump saying that he does not intend to wear a face mask? Why does he speak without thinking?

Tennessee: One day our governor issues an order for not going out, then next day he travels over the state.

Jared Kushner, President Trump's son-in-law, says the national stockpile of medical equipment is not to be used by the states. Then by who?

So more Dems than Republicans are very worried about virus. Just shows what news sources they use. Facts, not hype and hyperbole, are comforting.

Note to local TV station: Judge Judy's shows contain more factual information than Trump's briefings. Quit interrupting her for what are essentially Trump's campaign rallies.

Coronavirus or not, it's still dangerous for a black man to wear a mask in public.

Wisconsin held an in-person election during a world pandemic. Why? The Republicans thought their chances were better with a low turnout. Shameful.

A liquor store manager friend says that sales are up 81%; so we will get through this Chinese virus crisis after all.

Taking advice and information from China is folly. China wishes to destroy our economy; it is getting close.

Is there anything more predictable, more repetitious, more boring than the Chattanooga Times editorial page daily anti-Trump tirades? It's Ravel's "Bolero" put to print.

I didn't know [cartoonist Clay] Bennett had a medical degree in epidemiology from Sand Mountain Community College. Seems he has all the answers.

The mayor and Chattanooga City Council must view writing parking tickets is "essential" and repairing roads "non-essential."

Thank you for "The Rant" allowing people without a voice to be heard by a very large group of readers/people.

I know. It's allergy season, and the pollen count is ridiculous. But the honeybees are loving it.

I can't go to church, get a haircut, ride my motorcycle, or have dinner with friends. All I can legally do is buy a gun.

No taxpayer bailouts to cruise ships that elected to sail under a foreign flag to avoid U.S. taxes.

Good job, TFP, for telling readers about stories of courage and kindness in "Friends Indeed" in the Life section. Looking forward to reading more!

Hamilton County, thanks for repaving the pot-holed, multiple-patched and crumbling Gann Road between Thrasher Pike and Middle Valley Road. Great job!

[TFP columnist] David Cook, you're so right. Our very resourceful town seems paralyzed.

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