Polarized or not, it is gratifying to see Chattanoogans come together to help fellow citizens suffering from the tornado. Way to go!

The Democratic Party and its left-wing national media have shown class during the COVID-19 pandemic. It's just been all low.

Our crisis was caused by seven weeks of denial and lies. The U.S. will be Trump's fourth bankruptcy.

Democrats and Republicans — hush! Everyone is trying to do their best in this unprecedented crisis.

Trumplicans claim the left exaggerated COVID risk for political reasons, but in January, White House experts, including Navarro, predicted COVID could kill maybe 500,000 Americans. Oops.

A natural disaster brings out the very best in most of us. Chattanooga has much to be proud of in the last week.

Is it too late to nominate Andrew Cuomo for president? He is at the top of his game and would make a great president.

You never-Trumpers: Turn your checks back into the government. Don't be a hypocrite. See his signature. You might catch something like appreciation.

Read labels, Americans. Buy American-made products. COVID-19 is a Chinese product.

Local nursing home employees are not yet being tested for COVID. Checking temperatures won't keep virus out. People become contagious before symptoms. Require testing!

Everyone wants the economy re-opened! The question is, "Are we willing to pay the cost to our health this action brings, both collectively and personally?"

Anti-lockdown protesters in Michigan are demanding freedom. Okay, have it your way. You are free to die of coronavirus.

If they want to get together and party, let them. When they test positive, give them two weeks of MREs and lock them in a room. Let them wait it out together.

Let's get real! Trump berates the media because they question his authoritarian actions and fact check his continuous lies.

Instead of Joe Biden checking into the White House in 2020, he needs to check into assisted living.

Dare to compare? FDR's handling of pre-WWII threat and Trump's handling of pre-coronavirus threat and subsequent resulting American deaths, respectively. Well?

Pam Sohn recently wrote that Tennessee is a deep red state because Donald Trump brainwashed a majority of Tennesseans. Wrong. Four Pinocchio's from East Brainerd.

The time to know this now: We are in the last days. Nothing will be the same again. Lord God is warning us ... now! Know the truth.

TFP: "Is it too soon to reopen?" Yes, if you're a Dem. No, if you have intelligence and don't succumb to media hysteria.

[Columnist] Ron Hart predicted $1.70 gas prices and Royals would move to LA. He's interesting and seldom wrong.

Wow. Andy Berke on CNN! Who is he playing to? He is still our mayor until next March. He needs to answer our questions.

If you want to vote in November, request a mail-in ballot. If you don't want to vote in November, go stand in line.

We need more testing to be reassured that it is safe to resume some semblence of "normal." And that might be a stretch. More tests, please.

Those of you who no longer want to shelter in place, get on out there. It'll be like evolution, survival of the smartest.

Rubberneckers, there ain't a prize for the most shocking disaster photo/video. Get out of the way of the people who help victims.

Thank you, Red Cross, plus all of the other volunteers, for your help in tornado cleanup, support, donations.

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