I have a simple solution that would cut the number of COVID cases in half. Close all of the bars!

Voting by absentee ballot and voting by mail are not the same thing. The former is a proven method. The other is open to fraud.

For the 20 million Americans still unemployed, a surging stock market isn't all that exciting.

Can any good come out of Sewanee? I think not from the letters to the editor I read. Seems to be a pod of liberals.

Three policemen were charged with aiding and abetting in George Floyd's murder. Trump causes death by lying about the virus. How do we charge him?

Chattanooga tops the list for nonprofits per person; hence, don't give panhandlers money. It just goes for drugs and alcohol. Don't perpetuate a bad problem.

Just how low can Hagerty and Sethi go? Will either one be able to represent Tennessee well? Lamar must be shaking his head — or worse.

As President Trump does not take a salary and gives it to charities, if elected, will Biden do the same?

Except for the Civil War, Donald Trump is easily the worst thing ever to happen to the United States.

Unfortunately, it's the Dems who are racists. They discriminate if you don't vote their way, believe their rhetoric, think like them. They will cancel you.

Regarding Trump's latest TV briefings: I taught my dog to ride a pony; it didn't make him Roy Rogers.

All the bad issues Dems don't want to address, they blame on Trump: mob destruction, injustice, poor education, poverty, homelessness, crime. List goes on. Really?

Teachers need to get back to work in the classroom. They are essential workers. Wear a mask. Get with the program. Stop whining.

Thank God that the grocery workers, police, doctors, nurses, etc., are not like the teachers union. We would be in sad shape.

When hospitals repeat COVID testing on the same admitted patients, why do they add each test to their total number of positives?

Are the words "Law & Order" the new code for "Police State"?

Fox News may tell you just what you want to hear, but it will not tell you what you need to know: truth.

Would Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton see it as a "necessary evil" if his ancestors had been kidnapped and enslaved in an African country? After all, they needed laborers.

I'm so glad Catoosa County Schools have teachers who care about their students. Tennessee teachers' demand says it all.

Mayor: The homeless population is increasing, their trash everywhere, sleeping on public property, asking for money. Your big budget dollars aren't working. Clean it up.

I cannot understand how people can go everywhere else, but not go to their church, whether inside or out in the parking lot. Please come.

When did mob rule attempt to dictate what I wear, how I think, and how or what I speak about?

The riots have to stop. Nothing good is going to come out of property destruction or violence. Please end it.

Hey ranter, the reason TFP has nothing good to say about your POTUS is because there is nothing good to say about him.

Why is Twitter censoring people? #TWEXIT

I would like the newspaper to ask the governor why he is putting his political career ahead of the lives of this state.

First time downtown in four months will be my last. Twelve people passed me with no effort to distance, none of them wearing masks. Unbelievable.

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