Will the federal government now re-name the Tomahawk cruise missile, Apache, Black Hawk, Kiowa and Lakota Helicopters? Just wondering ...

Choices for November 3: Trump [ ] Biden [ ] Prayer [x]

Politicians arguing over the stimulus plan is like firemen and police arguing over who will save the drowning man who has just gone under.

Church closed. Riots open. Funerals minimized. Famous funerals maximized. States shut. Political travel open. BLM. B Unborn L don't M. Murder up. Police down.

President Trump should resign for saying "It is what it is," when talking about COVID-19 deaths.

Trump Derangement Syndrome needs an official diagnosis code. It's real. People have lost their compass because no church, no intact family structure, no history education.

While the TFP is busy bashing President Trump, its subscribers are flying Trump 2020 flags. Wake up. Fake news.

Wow! Is Trump psychic or just corrupt when he claims an election we haven't even had yet is fraudulent?

Politicians and diapers have one thing in common. They need to be changed regularly and for the same reason. America needs a "change"!

Here's your platform, Trump, and who it appeals to: safety and security (women), school choice (minorities), market growth (businesses), low taxes (men), border wall (everyone).

Paul Krugman got something right. He said "... disgruntled Trump supporters would try to sabotage a Biden administration." Bingo. Impeachment proceedings start Jan. 21.

My POTUS: Record unemployment for all races/genders, criminal justice reform, opportunity zones-inner cities, strong military and borders, warp-speed vaccines, peace overseas.

Three officers who watched George Floyd killed were charged with second-degree murder. With what do you charge Trump, who idly watches thousands of Americans die?

Right side (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette editorial, "Not misunderstood, but deliberately misinterpreted." Boy, conservatives sure do scream when their own favorite tools are used against them.

I promise I will never defund the Sunday TFP. It's too much fun mocking columnist David Cook's fallacies and real-life ignorance.

Is there anyone out there that believes the server really destroyed the police videos? Hammond is so arrogant that he thinks we fell for his story.

The Democratic Party today is mentally and spiritually bankrupt. How can any sane person support it?

A liar will choose a liar. There are several candidates who qualify. Who can spot the truth? Gotta be on your toes. Do you care?

Logic lesson: Coronavirus caused schools to close in March. Now conditions are terribly worse so schools ordered to re-open.

People use the Boston Tea Party as an example of protest, but find slavery, common to that era, offensive. 21st-century values for the 18th century.

Women want reparations. We've only voted for 100 years, bear all the children, are slaves to the home, and shop and prepare all the food.

Proud liberal in Sewanee. Where great people live, teach, love.

Three young black men murdered in 25 days. Where is Marie Mott and her BLM crew?

Hamilton County looks like a dump site. Something needs to give, an embarrassment for the "Scenic City." More litter crews? Include on/off ramps.

Tips for Riverwalk bike etiquette: Respect for others, abandoning your time-trial attitude, wheels yield to heels, and "passing on your left" when passing pedestrians.

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