Pence-Harris debate will be the best entertainment ever! Maybe educational, but certainly entertaining. Bring it!

Stupidity is not contagious. The ability to ignore stupidity is contagious.

Taxpayers have paid over $20 million for a security detail for Betsy DeVos. What a waste. How many up-to-date textbooks would this have bought for public schools?

Who cares if Michelle Obama is slightly depressed? I was severely depressed for eight years when Obama was in office.

Shame on you, both Sethi and Hagerty. If you are the future of the Republican Party, I want nothing to do with you or it.

The post office has the slowest moving employees. Then they pile on overtime to make up. No wonder they're losing money. Not a viable business model.

Make teachers' salaries, and job retention, dependent on their students' performance on end-of-year standardized tests. Pay should always be performance-based.

In a country of 300 million, this is it? My November choice: "none of the above!"

Even as Trump said "Florida numbers are going down," Florida recorded another record day of deaths. He is a clear and present danger.

While Trump asks where's my Roy Cohn, I wonder and wish, where's my FDR?

Media never reports fatality rates. Just total cases and new cases. Hamilton County fatality rate is 0.84%. Not sensational enough to get rid of Trump, I guess.

Although you may not completely agree with what Trump thinks, at least he can finish a complete thought.

Perry Stone needs your money now more ever — lawsuits, alimony, etc. Dig deep.

Don't mule up. Man up (or woman up) and mask up.

Congratulations SpaceX! Capitalism at its finest!

Will "Forrest Gump" have to be retitled? Well, "stupid is as stupid does." How about George Washington Carver? Jesse Jackson? William Jefferson Clinton?

Breaking news: Citing concerns about traveling during the "pandemic," Joe Biden cancelled a planned trip from his basement to the second floor.

Happy that Trump saved TVA's IT workers jobs? Remember he also wants to make it a corporate business like Carolinas' Duke Power. Rates will rise. A lot.

A virus broke out of a Level IV facility and traveled around the world. Face masks and staying six feet apart will keep us safe?

As I heard on social media, schools can prohibit spaghetti straps but can't enforce masks? Huh?

Does it really surprise anyone that the current so-called protesters are products of the "time-out" parental disciplinarians?

With less than three months until the election: Will Republicans become more evil? Democrats more divisive? Independents less conspicuous?

To recent letter writers: Thank you. The "woke" liberals are ruining the country. We, the silent majority, know what we have to do. Vote, people!

When the unemployed refuse work, they lose all benefits. Our GOP leaders are too out of touch to know this. Pay enhanced unemployment benefits.

Want to get the post office out of the red? Next time, start charging political candidates the regular postage rate.

Opinions, beliefs and even facts do not override my or your rights! Do for you and yours and stay out of mine.

Riverwalk tip: Pedestrians keep right to allow bikes to pass on left. Lollygagging in middle of path with headphones creates big hazard.

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