How did Obama and Kamala come so far in such a racist, oppressive country? Working parents, big education, good jobs. Must have been a fluke.

Trump says he's not slowing down the post office. If that's true, why doesn't he stop the damage that DeJoy is doing? Write your representative!

Dems, please help me understand any one thing that eight years of Dem POTUS did to elevate the condition of minorities in our inner cities.

Come on people, if you are not going to cover your nose and your mouth, you might as well not be wearing a mask.

Rearrange MASK and it spells SKAM. Coincidence?

We are in trouble if President Trump listens to the My Pillow Guy for a COVID-19 cure instead of Dr. Fauci and the CDC.

Yes, it's now official that "Chameleon" is the Dems' VP nominee. She changes her position based on her circumstances or to impress her audience.

A local, conservative, family-run business seeks to expand. Receives no help from city. Can't even get a call back. Discrimination extraordinaire.

Since when are taxpayers expected to subsidize private companies, and where do I apply? The fourth worst financially managed city in the U.S. — but working hard to be number one!

Joe doesn't know where he is. Kamala doesn't know who she is. Perfect pair but not for the country. Who will lead and for what?

What will you choose? [x] Virtual learning [ ] In class learning; [x] Life [ ] Death.

Speed limit within roundabouts is 20 mph. Most people go much faster, which makes entering difficult and dangerous. Speed bumps needed?

Marjorie Greene pledges to back Trump. Will she be paying his legal bills when he gets indicted after his defeat?

I think it's funny that the Trumpsters send in rants, hoping they will be published by the fake news.

The country is aghast at Georgia's 14th district R nominee. But for those of us from around here, it's no surprise. Q stands for Quack-a-doo.

Beauty, peace and contentment — wish we had more of these in our human world.

You have to be totally brain-dead to get rid of the Electoral College. Three states would control every election with popular voting.

Oh these holier-than-thou Democrats. They speak about Jesus, but they support a party that is for everything his work says he is against. Hypocrites.

Election larceny? Trump, Don Jr., Jared, Putin, Kim Jong-Un, Giuliani, Barr, Roger Stone and now Kanye? Watch 'em, Joe ... it is what it is.

How can people with zero medical education know more about combating COVID than Dr Fauci? Smarten up! Be considerate! Wear masks and social distance!

Thank you, Democrats, for wearing your mask and staying home to keep us (deplorable, selfish and inconsiderate) Republicans safe and healthy.

At age 76, I'm more worried about the political pandemic of pandering to punks than I am about the other pandemic.

From "Stone Soup" to "Wallace the Brave." From the smart and funny to the inane and blasé. Please, TFP, find something better.

What if part of the Songbirds Museum could be relocated to the Chattanooga Airport for visitors to enjoy? This could also help promote the city's venues.

That's it? I should pay two bucks a copy for your newspaper, and the lead Chattanooga Times editorial is that Tucker Carlson mispronounced CommaLa Harris' name?

Voters: The choice is clear on Nov. 3: a greater USA with Trump or a new USSR with Biden.

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