Was the DNC convention about China, terrorism, illegals, riots, Russian collusion, police or taxes? Or only about feelings? Hmm ... I vote issues.

RNC speakers reflect Trump monarchy. King Donald, Queen Melania, Prince Don Jr., Prince Eric, Princess Tiffany, Princess Ivanka, Duke Jared, etc. Is democracy dead?

You want to live like Portland, Seattle, New York? Vote Democrat. Otherwise, vote Trump. Endure the verbiage, reap the benefits. It's what's best for us.

The mayors of Portland, Seattle, Chicago, NYC and others have forgotten their oaths to defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic, i.e., the street thugs.

It's obvious why Trump doesn't trust scientists. He can't remember what he's said, much less what was taught in college.

Biden can still read a teleprompter. Amazing. But can he debate? Can he answer questions with no help? Bet not. Important, though.

Corrupt Dems have lawyered up to contest the presidential election to create more chaos. Blame Trump ... No! Vote in person for Trump. Validate your vote!

Trump's GOP literally has no platform. It's "vote for me, and I'll do as I please." And you're OK with that?

Joe Biden has been part of Washington for 47 years. You think he can fix it in four? Come on, man!

To quote the prosecutor in the McCarthy hearings who said, "Have you no decency ... ?" Today, that's what should be said to the Democratic Party.

#45 says if he loses, it will be due to "a rigged election"? If he wins, it'll be rigged due to Republican gerrymandering, voter purges, postal changes ...

Electoral College is a hoax. One Wyoming vote counts the same as three Texas votes. Whatever happened to the "one man, one vote" concept?

If the Electoral College were eliminated, we Tennessee voters may as well stay home on Election Day.

So former President Bill Clinton has the audacity to lecture President Trump on how to behave in the White House?

The Squad rants against income inequality, but votes for a pay raise when they already earn twice as much as the average American.

If cost savings and efficiency are the real goals for USPS, why would you remove automated mail sorters?

Why are 25% of children hungry when parents receive food stamps and money? Better to require parenting classes with bags of food. Otherwise, it just perpetuates.

To the ranter saying a vote for Biden was a vote for the USSR. The USSR fell in 1991. An (R) vote is for Russia, however.

Trump is who he is. We know that now. Some of us are willing to back him because we like conservative judges and a good economy.

Black lives matter, so let's emphasize more the tragedy that is Black-on-Black homicides and crimes. Won't be solved by defunding the police.

Erlanger for sale? What gives? Seems like a low price for the community's most valuable asset. Of course, the county is looking for money for schools ...

"Q" stands for quazies.

Jay Greeson, if you'd watched the convention on any other channel but Fox, you'd have seen plans. More than I can say for your guy.

Might as well rename this paper to Associated Press copy. No "Free Press" evident. So skewed to the left when Chattanooga is not. Waste.

After seeing the tornado rebuilding, I now say build the wall! Keep those good people here! Nothing will get done without them.

It distresses me to hear a person's net worth expressed in dollars.

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