Federal COVID relief funds were meant to benefit small businesses and the unemployed, not pay Christmas bonuses to city employees who have not missed a paycheck.

Donald J. Trump's two biggest fears are prison and being forgotten.

Who will all of the late-night TV hosts now bash every night? Odds are it will not be Biden.

Even Trump's most loyal sycophants are turning on him. Thank you, Bill Barr, for your long overdue honesty.

"With the great divider soon gone, let's work together." Sure, just like the last two years. Short memory? Freebies looking good? I mourn for America.

President Trump pardoned Michael Flynn while 230,000 people died from COVID-19; consequently, this shows where his heart lies — with himself and his friends.

The Democrats mercilessly crush a man and his family for four years, and now they want unity? It doesn't work that way.

Have you noticed how many Trumpsters carry "Trump" flags rather than American flags? That reflects their hero's priorities, too. No doubt it is a cult.

I agree with Trump about a fraudulent election. Republican-led gerrymandering and voter purges are examples of cheating.

I voted by mail and was impressed by the security measures. Anyone doubting the results needs to learn the procedures before making uninformed claims.

Is it still taught that for every right we enjoy, we carry an obligation?

Love thy neighbor is spelled MASK.

Two of the wealthiest Georgians are running to be Georgia's senators. With little in common with voters, they resort to scare tactics rather than their records.

I see that Chuck Fleischmann spoke at a rally to support Kelly Loeffler. What a good lapdog he is. Always follows his master's commands.

How can Republicans win the Georgia runoffs if the Peach State election system is so rigged? Watch their contortions over this.

If Democrats used fake ballots to steal the presidential election, why didn't those same ballots give them Senate control and more House seats? Huh, Donald?

On Nov. 24, [Chattanooga Free Press editorial page editor] Clint Cooper titled his editorial "Obama's Unquenchable Narcissism." Really? Has Clint been in a coma the last four years?

[Chattanooga Times editorial page editor] Pam Sohn thinks Joe Biden has 48 years of experience. In truth, Joe has one year of experience, 48 times over (and still doesn't understand it).

I wish people cared as much about litter as BLM. Litter is the worst thing happening in our country today. Period.

Chattanooga tops for least safe: crime, roads, economy, COVID. City officials over eight years produced unused bike lanes, housed 73 veterans, duplicated family violence nonprofit.

If Red Bank cannot handle traffic during a free food giveaway at Red Bank Baptist Church, then they definitely will not be able to handle hungry drivers when Jack's opens.

I seldom LOL at any comic in the TFP, but I did at the Nov. 24 "Wizard of Id." Thanks for a LOL at this terrible time in 2020.

I have two permission slips that allow me to travel and have Thanksgiving with my family: the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Hats off to our public health workers. They have been in the line of fire and have done their jobs with courage and grace. Unsung heroes throughout all of this.

It is now official: The worst roads in Hamilton County are at the "duck pond" cemetery on Memorial Drive. Disgraceful.

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