Anti-police, open borders, increased taxes, shutdowns, unemployment, "free" everything, socialism. Do the math, Georgia. The sum total is 1984.

All is well, Donald. You won, Donald; you won the silver medal.

The last four years might have been embarrassing, but if Dems control White House, Senate and House, hold onto your wallets.

Has anyone in this incompetent government heard of the 25th Amendment? Someone act now before this moron tears down our democracy.

I don't understand Democrats or Republicans not being able to agree on a package to help people in need. This is terrible not putting American people in desperate need first.

OK, Dems, hurry up and send me all the promised "free" stuff before you run out of working people's money.

Every Republican representative and congressman who stood silently by while Trump engaged in his immoral and treasonous acts is guilty of aiding and abetting the same.

So I worked my tail off paying off my student loans, and now I get to help pay off everyone else's? Doesn't sound right to me.

Pardon me. I will be glad when President Trump, aka "Uncle Scam," vacates the White House and takes his family of grifters with him.

This country is a little center-right and a little center-left. Why can't our elected leaders embrace that? They need to lead, for crying out loud.

If this contested post-election dumpster fire were an ice cream sundae, it would have melted. Trump's litigation tantrum would be the charred cherry on top

Hmm, it was only four years ago when Democrats were doing everything they could, including attempting to foul the Electoral College vote, to change the results.

Trump is not the reason for more COVID deaths in the USA. The real reason is that Americans refuse to wear the mask and stay away from large gatherings.

What is the word for a political party that sets out to destroy a presidency, a president and all who voted for him?

If you take an oath to defend the Constitution and then try to destroy it, is that treason?

There are very few legal entitlements. Education, health care, housing, food are not among them. Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness are. Change of attitude required.

Instances of election fraud have been found throughout the country. Just because more wasn't found doesn't mean it didn't occur.

No shirt, no shoes, no voter fraud, no problem. (Thanks, Kenny Chesney)

Conservative columnist Cal Thomas (age 78) implies that Joe Biden (age 78) is "slipping." Careful Cal, writing about age is a "slippery slope."

Not to worry. With Trump gone, [cartoonist] Clay Bennett will still have lots of material. After all, he has McConnell and Blackburn.

Clint Cooper, Biden's "eked out" electoral and popular vote victories match or greatly exceed Trump's in 2016, and Trump still calls that win a landslide.

Wow. Stealing outdoor Christmas light displays, set up for all to enjoy, is pathetic.

Who knew burning library books is a thing? Is that supposed to be some kind of powerful message? To whom? Fail.

One way to deter "porch pirates" is for delivery people to at least ring or knock when they put something on our porches.

A belated thank you to the Hamilton County Commission for not making Sheriff Jim Hammond even more overpaid!

"COVID fatigue" is a cute nickname for "complete lack of self-discipline or social responsibility."

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