Georgians, ignore personal mudslinging attacks from all four Senate candidates. Once in D.C., they will vote their party's agenda. Carefully examine Dems' and GOP's intentions.

President Trump should commute the sentences of the five federal inmates scheduled to be executed before Joe Biden's swearing in on Jan. 20.

Bold new thinking and unity will not happen with Cabinet's average age of 70-plus and years of experience in the swamp. Same ole

The Trumps spent four years under investigations, and Hunter Biden and family get a pass with more factual information. U.S. politics at its best.

Shame on Attorney General Herb Slatery for signing on to the frivolous Texas election lawsuit to SCOTUS. Focus your effort on the pandemic.

Chuck Fleischmann and Scott DesJarlais in a word: pathetic.

Conservative spin: Democrats or liberals never accepted Trump's 2016 election. Truth: They quickly recognized he legitimately won but continued criticizing his incompetence and poor character.

So, let me see if I have this right. If my vote wasn't for Trump, then it's "fraudulent," right?

If you think the election was stolen from Trump, there is only one solution: Do not encourage them by voting. Stay home on Election Day.

President Trump could give the country a Christmas gift by helping Congress pass a coronavirus relief bill. This would get him off Santa's naughty list.

I propose a ban on political ads on Christmas day and every day thereafter!

Merry Christmas, Rant. The Rant is a Christmas gift that I receive every Sunday. Thank you.

I had school loans, scholarships, work study for four years, plus a government loan that took three more years to pay back. Rebates for me, too!

Will you refuse a free lotto ticket that has a 94.5% chance of winning $10 million? I have my winning ticket, the Moderna vaccine. I volunteered.

If you accused President Trump of incompetence about the China virus, you should go to the back of the line for the vaccine.

According to God, all lives matter. Stop the hate. Give and get respect. Let's get this country better for all of us.

Amazing how many friends you recognize when wearing their masks while shopping at the grocery store.

Trump delivered on the vaccine despite naysayers on the left who slammed him for months. Give credit, folks. Fair is fair.

I dare/defy anyone to name any member of the media (individual or organization) who is the trustworthy journalist and person Walter Cronkite was.

Wake up! The Chinese communist government does not want to be our friends. Their goal is to dominate the world militarily and economically. Don't be fooled.

So you think you can control everything. Then a virus. Anxiety, fear, trepidation, quarantines. More virus. You need a savior, an anchor, a king.

We've all endured two-plus years of political ads. We live in Tennessee. Must we still be bombarded with more ads in a state we can't vote in?

The death throes of the old privileged white men are hilariously ludicrous!

Clay Bennett keeps me going when I see the content of some of the letters to the editor. Thanks, Chattanooga Times.

Honor [conservative columnist] Walter Williams by reading, then adhering to, his writings. He will be sorely missed for his wise counsel.

How about giving one of the best Christmas presents this year: Wear a face mask for everyone's sake.

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