The TFP's Chitwood investigative piece is reason enough to support our local paper. Without these reporters, people and businesses will get away with everything.

Tom Cruise is right. His money, his rules. He's not a hypocrite. Keep it up, Tom.

Trump wins coveted title of Greatest New York Con Man, no recount needed. Previous winner Bernie Madoff is left fuming but forgotten.

Donald Trump should be "Person of the Year" due to his leadership and tenacity in making the COVID-19 vaccines available in less than a year.

Give Trump credit for "Warp Speed" vaccine development and for the disastrous number of deaths because he told us it was a hoax.

Dems bombed on Russiagate, impeachment and stopping Supreme Court nominees. They got pounded in November. What, exactly, are they doing?

Trump has accomplished in only four years what Russia could not do in 40 — divide America.

If President Trump was Putin's puppet, how did he lose the election? Does that mean that Biden is Putin's new puppet? It is so confusing.

Hack Russia.

Not having a statewide mask mandate leads to unmasked shoppers in retail locations in Hamilton County. "I didn't know" is the excuse.

Hunter Biden's business dealings — Papa Joe's dottering obliviousness? Fifty-fifty that he, at his age, might say, "Blame it on the bossa nova."

Instead of dressing like Santa this year, the Grinch will dress like an ACLU lawyer and just sue evangelicals who mention Christmas.

The drip-drip-drip of the Hunter Biden story surely will suck all of the air out of whatever agenda Pelosi-Schumer-Biden concoct. It should, anyway.

What kind of church does Raphael Warnock pastor? He speaks with such hate.

This will never be white America, but America. We are the souls of God.

Democrats. Say one thing, do another. Say one thing, do another. Say one thing, do another.

Seriously? We Americans want the government mandating masks?

Overachieving is a proud tradition for Tennesseans. Obesity, illiteracy and daily COVID infections. Thanks, Gov. Lee, for helping us to be the best!

Is the House Intelligence Committee an oxymoron? Or just as long as Swalwell is seated?

Tired of incessant television political ads? Stop reckless donating to political campaigns. No money. No ad purchases. No commercials. Silence.

Student loans: Touche', Mike Rowe. I'm with you 100%.

Folks, the presidential election is over. Don't worry. We have a crowded mayor's race coming in March. All the politics/electioneering you can stand.

Bennett, "Democracy for Dummies"? Do you realize the Democratic Party is the party of socialism? Better give the book to them. Our country is in trouble.

Surely the editors of The Chattanooga Times editorial page will not take the Trump COVID vaccine. Surely they have some courage behind their convictions.

The worst thing going on in America is litter. Period. Apparently there is no vaccine for it.

I guess the Tennessee state law forbidding cellphone use while driving has expired. Just look around while you're out and about.

Congratulations to all who helped with Wreaths Across America. What a stunning sight and such a meaningful gesture.

Happy New Year! Let's all agree to turn the page on Jan. 1 and apply the lessons learned this year to make 2021 better. Be kind.

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