This deplorable reads a local paper, national paper and online paper everyday. Then watches three different news channels. Still a Trump supporter. Makes most sense.

Trump considers cutting Social Security, even as he mulls further tax cuts for the rich. America, are you paying attention?

Impeachment insults every voter. We can make our own choice in nine months.

President Trump needs to tell 34 soldiers that he is sorry that he called their concussions and TBIs "only headaches."

I don't like your policy. Impeach. I don't like you. Impeach. I didn't get my way. Impeach. Everyone dumb but me. Impeach. The Dems' mantra.

Let's see, Republican senators believe that Trump should be found innocent because Obama was never impeached? Obviously thinking way outside of the box.

Use facts only. Not intuitions, dreams, desires, disdain, wants, vendettas, personal hatreds. Only facts. There is no there there. Never has been. Such travesty, waste.

Is this impeachment about an election or more power of the the House of Representatives over the executive branch?

Justice is a long slow process; impeachment seems to take an eternity. Isn't there an alternative, at least a road runner cartoon each impeachment session?

Adam Schiff: profile in courage. Marsha Blackburn: profile in a mirror.

They excoriated the Dixie Chicks for truth-telling about Iraq. They're doing the same to Taylor Swift for her observations. Taylor, moron opinions are worthless.

Our children deserve better than a school board member who says about the updated facilities study, "We don't have one penny to do one thing."

Please, (LaFayette) teachers: T-shirts and jeans are not professional attire. I considered myself a professional when I taught. Certainly not tees/jeans.

I am trading my car for something with rubber tracks to traverse these poor, pitiful, pothole-filled streets in this city.

70s, 80s rock artists: Please stop selling rights to your hit songs to pharmaceutical advertisers. We don't want our memories of great songs associated with incontinence medications.

Hey David Cook, how about a refugee and homeless shelter on Signal Mountain?

Towering, grey, hideous, dirt-stained, concrete retaining walls dominating Highway 27 as beautification model? Only in Bedrock. Yabba dabba, doo! City should have demanded vegetated slopes.

It's a pro-life march; not anti-abortion. It's a 2nd Amendment march; not white supremacist. Dems spin all falsely in news. Check your sources.

Marsha [Blackburn] continues to show her disdain for the institution and process. Partisan hack, not worthy of being a senator.

If Democrats don't want foreigners involved in our elections, why do they want illegals to have the right to vote?

If Trump was Pinocchio, his nose would stretch from sea to shining sea.

You know a party's priorities when it cuts taxes disproportionately to benefit the wealthy, then says cuts to Social Security and Medicare will be considered.

Donald Trump is enough to gag a maggot. Want positive news about Trump? Check out the pinnacle of news journalism on "Fox News."

In checking the Constitution, I fail to see that it grants anyone the right not to be offended.

Dear future, former Republicans, welcome to values, honor, respect, patriotism and truth. You made the right decision.

Free Press columnist Ron Hart makes me laugh.

Someone just reminded me that Monday is the deadline to register to vote for the March presidential primary election in Tennessee. Register to vote!

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