County attorney Rheubin Taylor: We pay your salary. When the newspaper asks for records, that's the people's right to know.

Congratulations to our wonderful America First President! He endured, under the guise of impeachment, a vicious hate-filled politically motivated smear campaign.

So Trump was acquitted and we move on. But was he undeserving of such scorn and scrutiny? Hardly. What goes around comes around.

The level of frustration and despair among Trump haters can be measured by the recent flood of goofy rants and letters that are being published.

Ever wonder what the price of gasoline would be if Barack ("Drilling is not the answer") Obama were still president? Wanna see? Elect a Democrat.

Would one of my MAGA friends tell me, if Trump tripped on one of the 10 Commandments, which one would he recognize?

Vapid, venal, vitriol from syphilitic sycophants. Can anyone say politics as usual?

I had almost forgotten what a despicable cow Nancy Pelosi is until she tore up the president's speech.

Our demagogic president's use of Twitter has given new meaning to "bully pulpit."

It's amazing that the Democrats hate Trump more than they love their country.

I would have liked to see a female president, but after Nancy Pelosi threw her high-school fit, nope. Sorry.

Donald Trump calling James Comey a sleazebag is a classic example of projection.

I am a Democrat but I would vote for a Republican if I had to just get rid of Trump. He is sick.

"The Squad" should be renamed "The Herd." They sat at the SOTU speech like cattle, with blank, unknowing, uncomprehending faces and glassy eyes.

With Obama's "Cash for Clunkers," "Summer of Recovery" and "Shovel Ready Jobs," all Trump needs to concentrate on is the Affordable Care Act.

Let's get this straight; Trump wants billions cut from Medicare providers, Medicaid, other social programs, the military, but spend billions flying astronauts to moon/Mars?

With all going on with Trump, it is apparent that all of his supporters are ignorant and brainwashed. How blind can they be?

The Republican Party is the first party in our country to create a dictator. I fear for our country.

Lots of rants and editorials about the "Do Nothing Democrats." You should complain about Mitch and the hundreds of bipartisan bills he won't allow senators to vote on.

Now that Democrats have proven without a doubt that they have no concept of the term "bi-Partisanship," could they try to show up for work ?

If Bernie keeps going like he is going, will Bloomberg have enough to buy the convention?

Republicans gave the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Cosby and now Limbaugh. That, and Trump's presidency solidly validate Republicans as the sleaze ball party.

Just a thought. Would Republicans have gone apoplectic if President Obama had given the Medal of Honor to Rachel Maddow?

The next edition of the book "Profiles in Courage" will include chapters on Sen. Mitt Romney and Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman.

Doris Kearns Goodwin's book about Lincoln was called "Team of Rivals." Perhaps her new book about Trump will be "Team of Enablers and A— Kissers."

Never in my wildest dreams, did I imagine having more respect for Mitt Romney than for Lamar Alexander.

If you want to drink and drive, be sure to do it in Ooltewah. Not only do they not arrest you, but the police will give you a ride home.

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