Is Chattanooga slowly trying to force the chicken plant to move? It was here first, not the rich condo owners and developers. Shame on you.

There have been 16 impeachment trials in the US.. Senate. Fifteen of those actually allowed witnesses and documents. What a concept!

The Tuesday Chattanooga Free Press editorial "7 Things Bloomberg showed us" was childish and weak. Vote Bloomberg as he is smart, has experience, a conscience and shows dignity.

Why did Sen. Marsha Blackburn block three election security bills? She's earning her nickname: "Moscow Marsha."

How long will taxpayers tolerate petty representatives spending their time bickering instead of running the country? They should be replaced with sensible adults.

Nancy doesn't clap for minority girl receiving scholarship, veterans and current military personnel. She's not for America but against it. Warped personality. True colors. Despicable.

With all the road closing due to construction this year, will local Democrats blame Trump for the congestion or the cost?

What sane person would buy a $200,000 condo next to a chicken processing plant?

Surprise, Trump did something "inappropriate" — again. How many inappropriate things does it take to add up to "unfit for office"?

Will someone in city or county government please advise what the plan is to improve Graysville Road? Our officials should be embarrassed how much better it is upon entering Catoosa County.

I am an ignorant, brainwashed, devoid of moral aptitude deplorable. I say that is your opinion. Sticks and stones, you know.

Hey ranter, you got it all wrong. I love my country, that is why I despise Trump.

A bipartisan committee proved Russia helped elect Trump. Despite undeniable evidence, some village idiots remain in Trump- and Fox-induced la la land denial.

President Trump is not making our country safer or more secure by diverting billions in funds from the Pentagon towards building the border wall.

Hate is contagious. Our leaders should be good examples, not ranting like children.

We suffered eight long years with Obama with class, dignity and style. Dems just don't have it in them to reciprocate. They're so shallow.

It's simple. Wake up. BID exemptions weren't approved because all others in the BID would pay more. Thanks, Kim White and city council. No leadership.

Will the pointy heads who approved 140 new Julian Road homes come direct traffic when the Davidson Road outlet is under 4 feet of water?

Only the mayoral candidates who will reverse the BID and didn't support BID on city council should be considered for our vote.

The best the Dems have is an old, white, rich guy who apologizes for everything he ever did.

I just can't vote for someone who eats their salad with a comb. Some flawed logic there.

Please, can we get Providence Road in Ooltewah either patched or paved before it becomes a tank trail?

Want to get rid of President Trump? Vote in November. Want to get rid of social Democrat agendas? Vote in November. Or blame Russia again.

I'm a motorcycle rider. If you're such a good driver, why do you cross the double yellow on twisty curvy roads? It scares me off every time.

The TFP could promote "Civility in Politics" (last Sunday's Perspective cover) by moving Bennett's vitriolic cartoons from the front page of Perspective.

Chattanooga officials knew about chicken plant odor when they allowed excessive development downtown. Shame on them for lack of foresight and now penalizing the plant!

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