The now open Medal of Honor Heritage Center is awesome. Best addition to city since the Aquarium! Very educational, plan to visit.

I most certainly would not buy a used car from someone who claimed Republicans treated Obama with class, dignity, or honesty, much less all three.

Get ready to transfer all your assets to Bernie to pay for everything. Don't think that's how it works? Just wait.

A wannabe tyrant poised to be re-elected and destroy democracy/environment/wealth distribution while Democrats squabble like children, no unified front/strong platform. We're doomed.

Bernie is outraged at Bloomberg's spending his wealth to buy votes; yet he is offering to buy votes with all the free stuff.

Sanders can't (and shouldn't) win. Bloomberg can get it done.

Where is CEO of Starbucks? I thought he would ride a white horse into the race and ride away with it. Is it too late?

President Trump would rather fund a marginally useful wall than fund the CDC to keep Americans safe from the COVID-19 virus.

I wish Bill Hagerty would offer just a little separation from the president. We don't need another Marsha.

Dems don't have anything good to talk about, so they politicize the coronavirus pandemic, to draw attention away from their poor candidates.

Surgical masks protect others from you. Offers you no protection. Check it out. N95 masks best but not 100%. Wash hands. Don't touch face. Facts.

To all the big corporations that used cheap Chinese labor and material and are now affected by the coronavirus. One thing — "Made in America"!

If food stamps don't adequately feed children, it's the parents' fault. It takes planning and cooking. It can be done. We can't be the parents.

The D.C. swamp just might be getting wider, deeper and stinkier. Voters can drain the swamp.

Base maintenance workers at VW now will make $25.20 an hour, or $52,416 per year, plus good benefits. Who needs a union?

Randy Fairbanks' cheap shot at Marty Haynes for not owning Hamilton County property looks particularly bad since he knew why.

He'll probably be elected to the Senate, but Bill Hagerty seems less like your average dude than any candidate in many years.

What will Bernie Sanders' supporters do if he were ever elected and they found out what they "owed" for all the free stuff he promises?

With the conviction of Weinstein, how many other cases from the old "casting couch" jokes will end up in court?

Who would have thought the Hamilton County Assessor of Property race would be so hateful and dirty? My, my.

Hey developers/builders: Think twice about building on the sides of mountains and hills, OK? Not too swift.

What good are laws like "no blacked out windows," "keep right except to pass" and "headlights on when raining" if police do not enforce them?

Pilgrims Pride has been here a long time providing jobs for the "homeless," and long before Chattanooga allowed excessive development downtown.

School speed limits: 15 is just too slow, 25 is better.

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays your couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. Except in Ooltewah.

I like page F6 of the TFP. My canary likes page F4.

I understand the drive bicycle riders have to train and compete, but please stay off two-lane, curvy, hilly roads. Dangerous to everyone.

Rhonda Thurman has proved that she is the only school board member with any common sense. She knows that money does not grow on trees.

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