If you can't buy tobacco products until 21, you shouldn't be able to vote, join the military, drive, buy a drink or sell property.

I hope Amazon was kind enough to share its good fortune this year. I hope they rewarded employees.

The Pharisees have met and decided that prosecuting Trump would not be a hateful act.

This is great, Chattanooga and surrounding areas, hundreds of jobs! Thank you to everyone who has made this possible due to a great economy.

I recently discovered that women who carry a little extra weight live longer than men who mention it.

Five multimillionaires and two "average Americans" on the Democratic debate stage. Talk about diversity.

Homelessness is decreasing, except in California. To see how liberalism works, see California. High taxes, crime, rent, drugs. Low quality, security, investments, future.

Dems gave up high standards for the White House when you defended and accepted Bill Clinton's 11 felonies and still extol him today.

I want them to wear their MAGA hats. We should know who they are as if we couldn't tell already.

Do not underestimate the power of ignorant people. They vote and elect ignorant people.

Isn't it ludicrously narcissistic that the Democrats think they're the only true Americans in Washington?

All you Dems criticizing Christians for Trump votes: Who would you have us vote for who is Christian, blameless and pure? Not one Dem candidate.

Sen. McConnell doesn't want the Senate trial to be a "sham" trial. What does he think the trial in the House was? Democrats are just wasting the taxpayers time and money.

9,000+ bills and resolutions, many bipartisan, have been introduced. Find them at Tell Mitch McConnell to bring bills to a vote in the Senate.

Donald, if John Dingell is looking up from hell, it is a temporary assignment. He's gone to prepare a place for you.

The consensus through the ages is that the Salem witches were innocent. POTUS needs to stop hiding behind those poor unfortunates.

Waiting on Rev. Franklin Graham to explain how Donald Trump has suffered more than Jesus Christ.

Good for Chuck Fleischmann and the bill to return lands to the Cherokee. Now the bill can go to die in Senate headed by "Moscow Mitch."

After reading the "Meet the Clown Prince of Ignorance" op-ed (Dec. 18, page B6), I hope that sometime in the future the writer stops hating and gets a life.

The Taliban just claimed credit for the death of a U.S. military member; why is President Trump wanting to talk peace with them?

Christmas morning The Chattanooga Times editorial page ran a political cartoon about impeaching President Trump. Do you people have no dignity?

Thank you, county commissioners! Another housing development for District 7. Overcrowded schools and roads! The "gift" that keeps on giving! Really?

Thank you for such a great Sunday paper, Dec. 29! I enjoyed the review of all the newsy items. I love my newspaper!

Right page, left page, front page all Bennett (Dec. 29, Perspective, page F1). There are some conservative cartoonists. Fair and balanced, I think not, TFP.

Clay Bennett is an extremely talented editorial cartoonist that I never agree with.

Actually, a Dec. 25 headline in the Times Free Press caught my eye. It said Gov. Lee trying to decide between the bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest and the bust of Dolly Parton ... no contest there, in my opinion.


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