You say "vote." How naive. Clinton won 2016, but the 3 million votes she won were dumped into the Electoral swamp controlled by Republicans.

Chanting "Death to America" is no longer scary after hearing some form of it from Democrats everyday.

When is the media going to stop making heroes out of thugs and liars and promote the good deeds of Democrats and Republicans?

Obama authorized more than 1,400 drone attacks on Iraq, no prior approval. Same number [in] Syria. Trump does one and all hypocrites come out of closet.

If killing Soleimani was the extreme option in stopping an imminent attack on U.S. forces, what were President Trump's other options?

Criticizing past presidents' sexual misdeeds while accepting a proud, sleazy adulterer illustrates why some truly Godly people have broken with the sleaze lovers.

Obama does it, it's great. Trump does same, it's wrong. Does what? Doesn't matter. On anything. So transparently hypocritical, those Dems.

Of course there's more homeless in California. Great weather, the fifth largest economy on the planet, and far fewer under-educated Trumplican wing-nuts explain that.

Just remember, in the history of the United States no president has ever lost a bid for re-election when we were at war. Iran?

Obama drew pink lines, sent money and whispered to our enemies. Trump means what he says, protects our interests, uses military. One cajoles, one defends.

I was against that. No, I was for that. Come on, man. You know what I mean. No, Joe, we have no idea what you mean.

About a recent letter to editor, evangelicals and Billy and Franklin Graham voting for Trump does not make Trump "God's personal assistant."

You need to change that headline to "Fleischmann does and says whatever the GOP tells him to." Lap dog supreme.

Nancy Pelosi thinks she has executive powers and senatorial powers. She fools no one but herself and portrays the fool to the country.

Our representative [Fleischmann]raising money to support other Republican reps is a perfect example of "the blind leading the blind." Sad.

No one in America is denied health care. They may choose to not pay for coverage, in which case, you and I end up paying.

As [Chattanooga] mayor wannabes begin to appear, please remember to look at their favorable BID (added tax) stance instead of holding the city responsible for job performance.

Why aren't radon tests mandatory when buying or selling a home since radon is a major cause of lung cancer and leading cause of lung cancer for nonsmokers?

If you don't have to prove you can shoot a gun, why do you have to take a driving test to get a driver's license?

It's a New Year! Be sure to vote, make a friend with someone who you agree with politically, and try to get along with fellow Americans.

Whoever is in charge of roadside trash pickup, please look at the 8600 block of North Hickory Valley Road. Shame on you! Trashy people!

About last Sunday's Sports page. It's amazing how the TFP can have two stories on the front about the losing Vols basketball team and the winning Mocs get delegated to page five.

TRUTH BOMB: President Trump is starting a war because he was impeached. Thousands of sons and daughters will die because of one malignant narcissist's inhumanity.

Thank you, TFP, for putting some conservative cartoonists on the front of the Perspective section. I believe that is a first. You are fair and balanced!

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