Jan. 8 AP headline in TFP: "Iran missiles strike U. S. troops in Iraq." Wrong! Mosquitoes probably did greater damage. More proof of Associated Press scare tactics.

No, say it ain't so, Bill Stamps. We need more of Miss Lena, Elizabeth, Dimple Clarence and L Old Tom!

Thank you, Nancy Pelosi, for ensuring a second term for President Trump!

Do you understand how destructive Trump's rollback of Nixon's national environmental policy act will be? Remember pollution before 1970 in U.S.'s dirtiest city (Chattanooga)? Wake up!

Would Democrats protest, if President Trump guaranteed heath care, Social Security, education, income but not transgender bathrooms?

Trump has never had a dog because dogs are too good at judging character.

POTUS kills a mass-murdering terrorist. Iran kills no one; U.S. a winner. Democrats are whining because they didn't get any of the credit.

Trump orders Soleimani killed. Tensions rise. Ukrainian jet accidentally shot down. 176 die. Does Trump think he has any responsibility? Actions can have unintended consequences!

Democrats (predictably) blame Trump for the Ukrainian airliner being shot down. I blame Barack Obama for giving Iran money to buy the missiles.

The New York Times describes undereducated, low-information voters as important to Trump's support. I, for one, am shocked.

The Democrats on the debate stage last week were pathetic. None showing they have what it takes to win.

Our president said he would send troops to Saudi Arabia for the right money. Is our military now mercenary?

If Obama had Soleimani killed he would be praised as a hero. Since Trump had it done, he's a murderer.

Of course, Senate Republicans will refuse for those who know the truth to testify. The new Republican Party has a very distant relationship with truth.

I don't much like Trump, but I dislike the Dems and their "free" everything policies worse. Might be rocky, but America will prevail.

DesJarlais, against abortion for all except ex-wife and his mistress, do-nothing Chuck and opioid-pusher Blackburn. Wonder why the world thinks we're stupid?

With a strong economy, Dems better start getting used to the idea of a second Trump term in the White House. It's the economy, stupid.

Taxpayers have paid more than $30 billion in aid to farmers. That's $30 BILLION. Great trade policy, Trump.

It is hard to find anything to watch on TV that doesn't have violence in it. Hollywood knows how to create violence.

We don't need to extend the superintendent's contract. That tends to make them arrogant. I vote with Rhonda Thurman.

Thank you, Celebrity Cruise Lines. I haven't been able to get "White Rabbit" out of my head ever since you started using it in your ads.

Excuse me for saying this but there are a lot of ignorant "ranters."

I think letter writer of "expected better treatment" should lighten up. Perhaps the nurse was being silly? That would have been my reaction.

Hollywoodites not swift enough to know members of the royal family have to eat, sleep and walk royally. Private lives are over. Also, no garlic!

I wonder if your Ranters who quote Fox News could provide a source other than Fox to support their rants. I'm thinking they can't.

Mayor Berke and Mayor Coppinger: Please start paving our roads!

Closing Cabela's and moving it to Bass Pro is like closing Lexus and moving it to Fiat.

Women's march vs women's rally. Really? Is there no room for a unifying event in which all women participate?

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