Republican senators: Don't worry about lying in the impeachment trial. Trump has your back. Ask Manafort, Cohen, Flynn, Gates and Papadopoulos.

If you want more taxes, slower economy, high unemployment, more food stamps, free health care and education, vote Democrat. Run us into ground again.

The MAGA on my hat stands for Morons Are Governing America.

Could not vote for someone who ate with a comb, didn't know his current state, lied about DNA, promised the moon. So, it's Trump again.

Convicting Al Capone of tax evasion didn't absolve him of guilt for murder and racketeering. Similarly, with Trump and only two impeachment charges. He did this to himself.

Tell me what flawless candidate the Dems offer Christians? We deplorables have more sense than they think, as does our God who establishes all leaders.

Classic example of a Pyrrhic victory. Pam Sohn et. al, cripple the president, destroy the country, and Hillary Clinton is still not the president.

If Democrats win the presidency in November, watch for articles of impeachment for pretending to be president and failure to use mouthwash by Republicans.

It's about time for the Democrats to change their name to Dumocrats.

Why I don't like President Trump: I'm a Christian. I'm a veteran. I'm a working person. And I respect women.

If you've ever worked for a boss you've seen abuse of power. It can destroy people and organizations. Don't let it destroy America.

If justice is blind, the Republican senators have taken it to a new level. A trial has witnesses. An innocent man has nothing to hide.

[Columnist] Leonard Pitts wants to eliminate all forms of slavery. Great! Let's start with government-imposed taxes, especially for social services.

As a retired principal, I can tell you that when a superintendent's contract has less than two years remaining, he is considering his next job.

NYT article on missing American Indian women: "No one cares." Worst time of American history is resettlement of Indians to arid West. Destroyed their livelihood.

What's the problem, Mayor Coppinger? You don't think refugees are good people, desperate for a better life? Not here, right? You embarrass me.

The county and the city mayors need to put on work clothes and see which can pick up the most trash in their respective area.

Anti-LGBT adoption. That's certainly a priority for the state of Tennessee, don't you think? Must stop the rampant gay adoptions NOW! What idiots.

Sorry, but in the TV commercial, I just cannot believe Joe Namath really called the Medicare Hotline to be sure he was getting all the benefits he deserves.

I've been saying it for years: It's past time to induct Pete Rose into Baseball's Hall of Fame. Houston Astros make Pete look like an altar boy.

What? Bill Stamps is gone? And Clay Bennett is still here? Very sad day.

I really like Larry Elder's articles. Very concise. Tells it both ways.

South Pittsburg calls itself "The tidiest town in Tennessee." Maybe on "Sparkle Day." Other than that, "Tidiest Town" ? Far from it.

Riverwalk dogwalkers: Pick up after your dog. There are signs and bags available. You are rude to look the other way. We saw you.

Gang party on Signal Mountain? That's rich. Now the mountain knows what certain neighborhoods live with every day. It's not comforting.

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