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Trump and Pence traded "free speech" for six campaign staffers and two Secret Service agents getting COVID-19 after their Tulsa rally : A good trade?

Way to go, 20-to-40-year olds. Your idiotic disregard for distancing caused COVID-19 spikes. I am worried that these are our next leaders.

The European Union must have missed Mike Pence at the news conference touting how well the United States is doing in containing COVID-19.

Please, wear your masks if you have to be out in public. I prefer that inconvenience to my business shutting down.

If black is a color and Black is a race, then white is a color and White is a race.

My Democrat friends: It is delusional to assume Republican mask-wearing choices have any connection to Donald Trump. Please don't loose sleep worrying about us.

People wearing face masks walking outside or driving their cars. Can you get more paranoid? I think not.

Police union representative: No beating? Lay down on the road cuffed and let them hit you for 5.5 minutes? Change your mind?

I am tired of everyone in county government acting like they don't have to answer to the public. The commission and the sheriff are arrogant and an embarrassment.

Way to go Rhonda! Stay strong. Don't let the lefties get you down. We need you and your voice of reason on the school board.

Dixie, my 10-year-old loving Labrador, is confused over her name change. Should it be dog or just a symbol? She doesn't understand what's happening.

You would think Decosimo and Perez are running for president given all of the signs in a bazillion yards. Gimme a break.

Several Minneapolis council members who yell "Defund police" are receiving private security at the expense of the city. Prime.

Robin Smith dismissively says our past is our past. Robin, our pasts are our pasts, and it still matters that they're not nearly the same.

Maybe President Trump should take a lesson from Biden. Talk less, tell fewer lies and then he will appear more intelligent.

Since when did riots become an essential ingredient of a protest? Destruction of property only proves you have no respect for anyone.

Nobody protesting multiple deaths in Chicago every weekend. Why not? Oh. It doesn't involve a white policeman. Just black-on-black crime. Repeatedly.

Sex is God's gift to a husband (man) and wife (woman). Anything else is sin.

Why not spend that paint, money and time on housing in low-income neighborhoods? BLM artwork on MLK will soon fade away.

When I saw the honeybees on my clover, I was glad I had chosen not to mow it, as were they.

Pet peeve is answering phone and business person not identifying themselves.

Can we not get more of David Cook and less of Jay Greeson in the TFP? Greeson's sucking up to Trump is getting way out of hand.

Defund or dismantle police? Who you gonna call when your life is threatened? Ghostbusters?

Thanks to the irresponsible lady without a mask at East Brainerd Walmart who encroached on my space and proceeded to cough. Time to mandate masks, Walmart!

Is COVID-19 going to enable the city/county to continue to ignore Graysville Road?

Tornadoes, pandemic, recession, protests. Can we all pray that the second half of 2020 will be just a little better? We need all the help we can get.

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