Once more, we have an election of voting against someone rather than the issues.

Consider (in years) the consecutive Democratic mayoral administrations: Minneapolis (42), Seattle (51), Chicago (89), Philadelphia (68) and Atlanta (24). Who's to blame for the riots?

Keep up the good work, Rhonda T.! Those who are for you are more than those against you.

If all of the rioting punks were, one at a time, to make "Dirty Harry's day," he'd outlive Methuselah.

John Bolton says he will not vote for Donald Trump or Joe Biden. No one is qualified. He is right. America is going down hard.

Do you think Donald Trump will ever realize that running the United States is not the same thing as running a reality TV show?

Why are BLM and ANTIFA working so hard to re-elect President Trump?

Thank you, Donny Case, for organizing the recent event to show support for local law enforcement. Great idea.

Trump is the most patriotic American today. If not for those spurs, he would be the first on the ground. Live-fire aggravates spurs.

Does anybody care what Taylor Swift thinks or has to say?

Ask Sen. Blackburn if the reimbursements from China for the COVID-19 expenses will be delivered by Santa Claus.

Thank you, TFP, for providing factual news about COVID-19. Opposing editorial pages are entertaining. Keep it up.

America was never great? Obviously uttered by someone who never served this country. Reinstate the draft. Get some skin in the game!

Putin puts bounties on American soldiers? Republicans will respond with tax cuts, or perhaps thoughts and prayers.

The reason for cancer is we test for it. If we wouldn't test so much, there wouldn't be as much cancer.

Why does no media ever state the COVID-19 fatality rate? I calculated it. Hamilton County is 1.18 %. Georgia's is 3.3%.

Who wants to visit or live in a large city run by Democrats? Not me. More likely to get shot, robbed or deterred by riots.

Destroying monuments does not destroy the history behind the monuments; instead, teach and expose that history.

I'm so happy to see all the Black Lives Matter yard signs in my all-white neighborhood. Gives me hope.

Trump divides, COVID-19 multiplies. Are we winning yet?

The Dems aren't interested in change. They nominated someone who's done nothing for 40-plus years. A mere placeholder.

Twenty years of rookie presidents: two often wrong or ineffective but well-meaning, good men — followed by incompetent, narcissist Trump. Want another four years?

Slavery is mentioned in the Bible. They were people of all races from conquering nations. Are the radical leftists going to burn Bibles next? We can't change histories!

I hate seeing people wearing masks when they exit stores. That reminds me how absent-minded I am as I walk back to my car to get my mask.

I just saw a little feature on Clay Bennett with his picture. I'll have to admit he's funny — I can't look at him without laughing.

Why is selecting a black woman to run for vice president pandering to blacks and women? Is it pandering to select a white man?

With money saved by ignoring Davidson Road, the city should fund a reserve and reimburse Davidson drivers for vehicle suspension repairs. My bill was $907.

Washington should take a page from soccer and rename its football team the Washington United.

Why wouldn't I wear a mask in public? Protecting others can protect me too, and anyway, it improves my looks.

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