Will convicted felon Roger Stone get a Trump tattoo to go with his Nixon tattoo? No jail time? What a joke.

Pelosi's Democratic House got its hands slapped by Supreme Court for unrestrained subpoena requests, totally unrelated to legislative job. You won't hear about it, though.

Please, if you can go on vacation, why can't you come to your church? You may sit outside or inside. CDC guidelines are observed.

Whose child, mother, father, etc., will be the next to die because of the pervasive partisanship that pollutes and paralyzes our society?

To the mask protester who argues it is his right not to wear a mask because he wasn't born with a mask on you weren't born with clothes on either.

Unbelievable that a planned summer music series is at the Riverpark! What are they thinking? Expect more positive tests. Unbelievable.

The U.S. now leads the world by having the most COVID-19 cases! Yes, Mr. Trump, I'm tired of winning.

Bumper sticker idea: Fight COVID-19/Not Dr. Fauci.

Question: Can you walk into a bank wearing the mandatory anti-virus mask and one hand in your coat pocket?

Listen, people of Bradley County: No matter what your stupid mayors say, wear your dang masks!

So Dems spent years and millions on failed impeachment proceedings. Ever hear an apology? It's our money and our representatives. Vote them out.

Remember when Republicans revered character? Better a Democrat with ethics and empathy than a pretend Republican with neither.

Democrats support Joe Biden, who has proven his only agenda is to stay in government, unlike Bernie Sanders, who has remained a constant socialist.

It is grievous how the policies of political leaders, Black and white, in inner cities have robbed personal dignity and destroyed Black families.

Wearing Confederate symbols (battle flag) is like a German wearing a swastika.

I did a quick Google search and found a hundred references to slavery, including sexual slavery, in the Bible. Shouldn't we be burning Bibles?

To the ranter who likened our Southern heroes' statues to statues of Hitler. Apples and oranges, not the same.

How many possible Columbines were averted by the presence of school resource officers? They are your children!

For sure, if mail-in ballots are allowed, there will be fraud by the Democrats. This is what they do. Lazarus will rise and vote.

Daddy, how does lawlessness advance equality under the law? And why are kids being shot?

Berke doesn't know how to play well with others. He's confused about his place in the hierarchy of government and the scope of his job.

Defund Police: Gang and vigilante justice prevail. Moral justice lost.

The cause of crime is personal choice. It's not housing, education, food, etc. Those are plentiful around here. Past time to be personally accountable. Everyone.

For the sake of all, do not postpone school opening. Our children are the losers. Choice: virtual or in person. Sending mine.

Send columnist Jay Greeson back to the sports department and keep him quiet in deep in right field.

The TFP's agenda-driven journalism is the shameful antithesis of its Statement of Core Values. Just ask any first-year journalism student.

Clay Bennett rules again! Congrats, and like the late, great Dewey Cox, walk hard, Clay!

Spray paint a statue, go home to your parents, eat their food, cry when police are at door, take your meds, sleep. Start all over.

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