Hate masks? Wear one now to fight the virus or wear one soon when you're strapped to a ventilator in a hospital.

Chicago, New York, Portland, Seattle, Atlanta: Look where your liberal leadership has led you. More crime limits your appeal, hurts your citizens. Do you care?

Her daddy said Mexicans bring crime and drugs and are rapists. Ivanka holds up a can and says their beans are good. Nov. 3, people!

Georgia Rep. "Cry Baby" Tarvin wouldn't last one day as a schoolteacher. He should be dumped immediately for his insults to educators.

Let's put the protesters beside veterans fighting for our country and then see what they are made of. Like Nazis, they [protesters] destroy what isn't theirs.

Ever see entitlements lift someone to self-sufficiency? Do more entitlements help? Check the numbers. Only creates deeper dependency on government and politicians. Hmm.

Defund the violent protesters and looters.

Please, please, elect someone, anyone, other than Trump this November. My husband constantly ranting about him is seriously driving me crazy.

Historically, American presidents have led national responses to national emergencies. President Trump's leadership was to turn the national crisis over to the state governors.

Destroy obscure statues with racial connotations. Build a million-dollar memorial to the ultimate act of racism. Think about it.

Donald Trump 2020: I will protect your statues, I will fight clean air and water laws, but Grandma and Grandpa — you're on your own.

Whose taxes will go up next year? Not the poor, probably the middle class, as usual. The 1% will donate their way out of paying. You watch.

David Cook's July 12 commentary was his best ever. He should take his advice: It is better to remain silent and thought possibly a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

Thank you for wearing your face mask. However, for it to be effective, you must have it covering your mouth AND your nose.

Our police arrest people for "walking in the street," but look away from folks too selfish to mask up. Priorities misguided for our law enforcement.

Gov. Lee, who seems dead set on robbing women of their reproductive rights, might try saving walking and talking Tennesseans from dying from the pandemic.

Fire rescue heroes pull fisherman from Chickamauga Dam spillways. If fishermen lack intelligence to avoid spillways, how can we expect them to wear a mask?

How's that sanctuary city status working for you? Triples: unemployment, public diseases, crime, illegals, killings, public defecation, riots, poor school results. What Dem governors created.

Golden Rule of COVID-19 is: Protect yourself as you would protect others. Wear a mask.

I don't answer the phone, participate in polls or donate to candidates. But I vote every time. When it counts.

Hey TFP: Please stop the "unbiased reporting" farce. I challenge you to produce one article you've published with positive tone and text about our POTUS.

Is it true that if you look up "ubiquitous" in the dictionary, it says "ex: Warren and Griffin"?

Get some grit. This could be worse. Crank down the drama. Wear mask. Don't only think of yourself. It's a great sabbatical. Make it so.

A recent article advised pouring unused beer on your mulch pile to facilitate development. I'm aware of "no beer," "some beer" and "not enough beer," but have no concept of "unused beer."

And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving, one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you. Ephesians 4:32 KJV.

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