A man lost his life trying to pass $20 of "funny money," while the fed prints $3 trillion in funny money and no one stands on their necks.

If Twitter is going to start editing right from wrong, then it's no longer free speech and they are responsible for all tweets and their repercussions.

President Trump has threatened to shut down Twitter (thereby silencing his most ubiquitous mouthpiece). Could be his best move so far.

Hopefully there'll be enough intelligent people left alive to vote that irresponsible buffoon out of office in November. His lack of responsibility and foresight endanger all.

You protest the killing of an innocent man by killing more innocent people and destroying property, and you want what?

Somebody please shut down Trump's twitter account. It's his platform for outright lies and his portal for disinformation.

Hindsight is what people with common sense use to avoid repeating costly, sometimes dangerous, past mistakes.

You wear a mask to protect other people and hope they do the same for you. Those who don't are selfish and ignorant.

Gov. Cuomo says, "Show me your behavior today, and I will tell you what will happen in the next five days." Wear a mask!

Emissions testing during a pandemic? Can we measure the absence of good judgment emitting from state leaders?

When Derek Chauvin and the other officers go to prison, I hope they aren't sent to a "country club." They deserve hard time.

Make America Great Again. How's that working out for us?

I hope North Carolina allows Trump to have a huge crowd at the RNC convention. Then we will see whether social distancing matters.

Sorry, naysayers, but I'd rather risk the possibility of coronavirus than the certainty of starvation from my small business, employees, family and me.

Essentials get what they want. Expendables get what they don't deserve. Politicians never own up to their mistakes. What else is new?

Evangelicals: Donald Trump just used the Holy Bible as a political prop and gassed law-abiding citizens for the opportunity. And still you support him?

The radical Right riots; they are very fine people. The radical Left riots; they are terrorists. Trump's idea of justice is truly frightening.

Trump and Biden can't provide real leadership ; therefore, we need to come up with a write-in candidate to save our country come Nov. 3.

Government mandates without legal basis. 5-G network. Injectable nano chips. Mandatory vaccines. Does the name George Orwell sound familiar? Beware Truth Speak.

TVA layoffs: I was proud to work for TVA for 30 years. Now I'm just ashamed. Keep good jobs at home.

Kudos to John Martin on WRCB-TV for his stories that spotlight interesting local places and fascinating local people. Great reporting.

Are you that reckless with your vote that you will vote blue regardless who? Does your hate drive your logic? Feelings more important than facts?

Boaters: Trust not the Chickamauga Lake level in the TFP. It is inaccurate, often by feet, not inches. Good way to lose a prop or worse.

Please, city, ban all paint guns, they are one of the last things we need.

Pray for our country, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, rioting, burning, COVID-19, hunger, no jobs, no political leadership.

I've been reading lots about "protesters" looting. Don't get it twisted: Protesters are protesting. Looters are looting. These are not the same groups.

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