Is it so hard to say, "thanks, Mr. President, for our stimulus check"? Can we only criticize and complain?

To last Sunday's ranter who would vote for policy over (Trump's) personality, I would ask: What about character and truthfulness?

Daily Update for Protests Against Black-on-Black Violence: #Protests Yesterday: 0, #Protests Today: 0, Next Update: Tomorrow.

Want to end racism? Try treating others as you wish to be treated. We could call that behavior something catchy like "The Golden Rule"

I could vote for Archie Bunker for president but not "Donnie J. Bunker."

It's official: If Trump's portrait is ever hung in the White House, it would be in the bunker.

One cannot help but wonder why the protesters have not captured the lawbreakers and turned them over to police. Would give them support, save lives and property.

Wonder if she [candidate Marjorie Green] will take her AR-15 to Congress if elected. Sad excuse for a candidate in 2020.

How do you think the world feels being policed by the U.S.? Defund the military!

To the letter writer who advises "switch channels" to avoid flag of hate at NASCAR, I wish it were that easy to erase devaluation of blacks. Why do I think this writer is white?

You use your Second Amendment rights to threaten my First Amendment rights, and claim you're being a constitutionalist?

As if President Trump needed a new vote slogan, the liberals have provided it. "Defund police." What a good scare tactic.

Why do people accept lies rather than facts? Proven voting by mail is not full of fraud, cheating. We must have option to vote by mail!

For sure, if mail-in ballots are allowed, there will be fraud by the xxx. This is what they do. Lazarus will rise and vote.

You can rest well. Law enforcement men and women are awake and on call 24-7. Let's be thankful for them.

Painting and books tomorrow. Goodbye civilized, moderate behavior. Radical lawlessness is the new norm.

To those unhappy with statues, murals and their fellow citizens: Feel free to move where you like it better. Most of us are happy here.

Remove movies and TV shows? When will we begin burning books? My history classes taught we came to America so "Big Brother" couldn't run everything.

Is the U.S. the only country that honors traitors? Rename the bases. Put the statues in a museum if people want to see them.

I understand the desire to remove Confederate statues, perhaps to a museum, but it distresses me to see public art destroyed.

Pelosi's been in Washington, what, 30 to 40 years and just now deciding she doesn't like some of the statues? Give me a break.

You can't erase history. Tear down monuments, burn the flags, cancel movies, all this doesn't make it go away. Learn from it, teach it.

It's OK to hold a protest for multiple days with police protection, but we can't take our children to a park to play?

If you are holding a protest, no virus anywhere. Free to riot. For a rally, virus everywhere, totally unacceptable, shame on you, you disobedient citizens.

After rechecking my calculations, I'm releasing my findings on how to slow the increase in COVID-19 cases. Stop testing.

For someone to say they're a conservative Republican, I think "yes, and switching to Geico can save you 15% or more on car insurance."

There is far more political bias in the media than there is racial bias in the police, the TFP being a prime example.

Readers lament the fact that the newspaper contains negative stories. Did you also want the weatherman to tell you every day will be sunny?

Remember when Trump used to criticize Obama for golfing? So far Trump's golf trips have cost taxpayers more than $134,000,000 — 335 years of presidential salary.

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