DACA is not a law, it is an executive order; it is time for Congress to take action, not the president.

Republican friends, I'm worried about you. Please don't stop wearing masks to show respect for Trump. If he valued you, he'd want you protecting your health.

A dictator demonizes the media, lies routinely, refuses to be open, replaces competent professionals with yes men and pays himself. Sound familiar?

I am voting for law and order, history, police, work for money, less government, no income redistribution and personal accountability. Let's see, gotta be Trump.

Guess the other 993,800 people heading to Trump's Tulsa rally got stuck in traffic.

If you insist on not wearing a mask, you should stay at home.

According to ABC News, 106 people shot in Chicago last weekend is less of a new story than John Bolton's bash Trump book release.

He who is without blemish or fault, tear down the statues of those who have them. Got you on this one. Double standards bite hard.

Teddy Roosevelt statue? Really? What do you know about him? Nothing, obviously. You look pitiful and act ignorant. Arrest them for destruction of public property.

The Civil War was fought by the South to leave the USA, not overthrow it. Save our history.

Statues of Confederates are appropriate due to our history. So, Germany and Austria should have statues of Hitler because he is part of their history?

Congratulations Chattanooga for making the New York Times "Hot List" for COVID-19. Look around you and you will see why.

Don't tell me about the rise in new COVID-19 cases. ... Tell me about hospitalizations and deaths. People get the flu but are not hospitalized.

Now that you have taken down all of the statues, tell me if your life is any better.

All the "Hagerty for U.S. Senate" signs around town say "Endorsed by Trump" at the bottom. Boy, there's the political "kiss of death."

As long as black on black crime remains the highest combination, solutions do not lie with white community but with black families ... who ignore it.

Can Chattanooga have a block party in which the organizers extort money from business owners for protection?

Limit 4,000 fans at Finley? With the pandemic in full swing, they will be lucky to get 40.

County taxpayers shouldn't pay double what a developer recently gave for the Northgate store. Walk away — and leave him holding the bag, as he deserves.

To the professor's letter, I respond: Before you equivocate black and white "racism" in the U. S., come down from your ivory tower and take a lash or two.

I, for one, love Roman numerals.

Trump was elected for his entertainment value, not his Republican values. The show is a flop but has proven the value of good character and convictions.

TFP just loves hyping coronavirus. It's boring! Find something else to write about.

We need Rhonda Thurman's strong contrarian voice on the school board. We certainly don't need someone who is in bed with the teachers union.

Several members of my Baptist church said they would leave the church if they were made to wear a mask in order to attend. WWJD?

With rule of law and enforcement antiquated and irrelevant, am I still obliged to stop at silly red lights and stop signs?

Recent letter writer had it right: Erasing the past will not fix the present. Change hearts, folks.

Mainstream news must be liberal bias? No, you simply don't get the idea of news given impartially, without fear or favor. Thank you, Chattanooga TFP.

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