In this time of coronavirus, may I suggest folks get off social media, especially Twitter, and get accurate information from real news sources?

Protect yourself from coronavirus with good hygiene habits, but please do not forget our neighbors to the north still recovering from those tornadoes. Donate.

Trump now is suing newspapers over opinions he disapproves of and disagrees with. This assault on the First Amendment should terrify us all.

Why would Democrats be so willing to overlook Biden's flaws but not Trump's? Trump gets things done. Biden will rub your shoulders. Ugh.

Why are there long lines to vote in America? Why does it takes hours? Why?

It's not because they're women. No female presidential candidate has come across as genuine, forthright and honest about who they are.

Jerome Powell capitulates again by lowering the fed rate. All those seniors and others with some savings get screwed again.

I am a 70-year-old white man who believes that our presidential candidates should not always be an old white man like myself.

So the supposedly progressive, all-inclusive, non-discriminating party can only produce an old, white, rattled, status-quo candidate? False narrative. Same ol', same ol'.

Stockpiling toilet paper? Really? I think we have gone nuts. People, be sensible.

Why should we forgive student loans but not my mortgage? They were both made voluntarily for personal enrichment.

Gov. Bill Lee, when are we going to start putting deposits on aluminum cans and plastic bottles? Our state is covered in trash!

Doctors, watch out. Legislators are writing curriculum for K-2 teachers (SB-2160 and HB-1687) and may write protocol for surgeons next.

Keep street race competitions off Market Street for those who need to use public transportation.

Thank goodness for TFP columnist David Cook. He makes me mad sometimes, but I always think about his words.

Keep the Rants. They are not all depressing, and you get a sense of what people are talking about.

When Paul Finebaum starts giving advice on coronavirus, we need to run.

I'm so sick of my phone. I'm starting to hate it.

Sen. Gardenhire, is $500 enough of a fine for governments that destroy public records sought by a news organization? Think big!

Trying to wrap my head around "combat pay" for teachers in Partnership Network schools and even more extra staffers. How many are enough?

Corner of Igou Gap and Morris Hill needs road improvements before any houses are built on a 26-acre complex.

If only 1.4% of Chattanooga workers earns more than $100,000, there must be 10s of 1,000s who are house poor.

Too many wild rumors about where the coronavirus is in Tennessee. Sometimes we just need to know when we need to know.

In a year-plus we'll have a new mayor. If his/her first priority is getting our roads back in shape, he/she has my contribution.

I confess I have been a regular ranter, but now I agree that anonymous rants are cheap shots that only cause more division. Signing off.

Thank you, Jay Greeson, for your commentary on the dirty politics in our local assessor's race. You're right.There's no reason for nasty mailers. Congrats, Marty !

Come on TFP, not everyone knows where every building is (or was) in Chattanooga. When reporting, how about including addresses?

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