OK, I get the Trump bashing right now, but please, that doesn't help communities work through this pandemic. The time for judgment will come in November.

Free government money coming our way! Really? No taxes owed on this little cash prize? Please advise.

We could really use a stable genius in the White House now. Anybody know one?

Price gouging, hand sanitizer brothers were wrong but they still had more foresight and sharper execution than government leaders.

Swine flu, avian flu and Ebola. Remember the pandemics we had with those? Media and America, put on your big boy pants.

It's foreign to me that this virus cannot be called foreign. It originated in China. It's no longer correct to state facts. Transparency. Out.

Biden would be a perfect president for a retirement center social committee. Wouldn't matter he doesn't know where he is, what Constitution says, who he hugs. Inconsequential.

Bernie needs to pack it up. His "base" wasn't as solid at the voting booth as he — or the pundits — thought. Youngsters don't vote.

Don't expect federal government to do everything for you or call all shots. Quarantines happen at local and state levels. They have to enforce it.

Have you ever noticed that Trump takes credit for everything and responsibility for nothing. He denies responsibility for a late start in fighting the virus.

Hey, election commission, in lieu of what's happening, why not mail-in ballots? Other states do it.

What kind of guy pledges to name a woman vice president and a black woman to the Supreme Court before examining the field?

Don't you believe socialism is leaving with Bernie. The Democrats are moving closer to him each time they open their mouths.

It figures state government, maybe even local government, can use a pandemic to shield the public from their business, i.e., votes, on matters of importance to taxpayers. Ugh.

No matter who wins between Trump and Biden, we can be sure of one thing: The hair is bought and paid for.

Paid nearly $20 for two small packages of toilet paper this week at a big box store. Tell me they're not taking advantage.

If the Times Free Press got rid of its Rants, as two readers recently suggested, how would Democrats get out their Trump hate?

Hope the Tennessee legislature will think more sunshine and not less, as I'm afraid, if times become more troubled.

We are to cough and sneeze into our elbows and then we are to "handshake" by touching elbows? Makes no sense!

New suggestion for all the digital highway signs: Everything is closed! Go home!

People! Stop licking your fingers to open a meat, bakery or produce bag in a grocery store Ewwww.

Support local businesses all you can over the next eight weeks. It's rough for them. They need our help. They employ lots of folks; help them out.

To all you politicians and pundits pointing fingers instead of making solutions, shame on you. You are the same, persistent troublemakers. Tired of you.

It is a shame some Americans show their true colors and choose to hoard products that will deprive other Americans of things they may desperately need.

24-year-old wants to be tested for virus. She'll know. Flu-like symptoms only much worse.

"The Rant" readership? Hundreds? Thousands? Paltry! Keep "The Rant" and kill Twitter, Facebook, et al. They are the real problems.

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