Readers accusing our newspaper of hyping up news about the virus should remember that dead is not reversible. Thanks, CTFP, for keeping us informed.

Injured-by-truck-driver TV commercials have disappeared. Question should be: Have you been saved by truck drivers delivering your food and medicine?

The next crisis will be in nine months when none of the maternity wards in the country have enough beds.

It is hard to feel like "ranting" when coronavirus/COVID-19 is attacking all of us.

Ya'll do the census thing so we can be counted and get federal money for our communities

Kelly Loeffler, as one of your constituents, I am appalled by how you made millions while I lost thousands. I won't be voting for you next election.

Thank God Biden did a news conference, or who knows when the White House would have reacted (#COVID-19IsNotAHoax). Make America Well Again (MAWA).

While South Korea and other countries were proactive in fighting the coronavirus, Trump and Republicans wasted precious time calling it a Democratic hoax.

Identifying causes of problems is not a game. We have a duty to pinpoint the mismanagement that caused the crisis escalation, not cover it up.

A March 23 letter writer claims our country's response to the coronavirus is "preposterous." He could volunteer to decide who gets a ventilator and who dies gasping for air.

If Dr. Fauci gets fired by Trump for telling the truth, I'm sure Gov. Cuomo would welcome him to participate in his news briefings.

Please donate some of your food hoard to the Food Bank. Many of our fellow citizens are stressing out about taking care of their families.

Scientists and scholars are working on a vaccine/cure. I stick with Dr. Fauci's opinion vs. an angry reader's opinion which is very politically motivated.

The virus: When the cure is worse than the ailment, you have to find a new cure or let the ailment be.

All you millennials: Look for your health care facility on the beach. Can't find it? Well darn. What were you thinking?

Instead of having Trump political rallies, we're now subjected to daily COVID-19 news conferences where the president touts his greatness.

If socialists are counting on the government to fix this, snooze again. It will be private businesses which rush to fix it. Thank heavens.

I can see that gas tax revenue is going to be way down this year. So road repairs or projects are going to suffer. Ugh.

Calling COVID-19 the "Chinese virus" now is as demeaning as it was calling AIDS "gay cancer" in the early 1980s.

Why are lawmakers fighting over a stimulus package when we need a survival package now? Let's postpone politics until this is over.

Social distancing: If someone is in the aisle selecting a frozen pizza, just wait until they're done before you swoop in to get yours.

[Clay] Bennett and his cohorts are in denial. Our president will win by a landslide. Russia, Kavanaugh, Ukraine, Pelosi's impeachment madness failed. Ditto virus.

Is my $1,200 Trump "money" taxable? Do I have to set aside a portion to take the hit next April? We need answers.

Never watched a county commission meeting until this week. Man, do they love to hear themselves talk! Enlightening but not reassuring.

We have never seen anything like this pandemic before. Quit whining about POTUS. Everyone is doing the best they can. Pull together, not apart, America.

May God bless all of you at the newspaper who work so hard to bring us news and entertainment each day. You are appreciated!

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