Why do people believe China and not President Trump? China has out and out lied to the USA for more than 70 years.

When bars reopen, let's have a Trump martini. Two parts Clorox, one part vermouth, and a twist of irony.

Big government is roaring back. It tells you when to work, where to eat, how to dress, what to do. Watch it. Dems love it.

It's a great time to live in a state that's dependent on the sales tax when nobody is shopping.

Trump thinks the media makes him look like an idiot. Not true. The media just shines a light so we can see for ourselves.

Last Thursday on TV was the following choice: "Rosemary's Baby" vs. "Bonanza."

"The buck stops here!" Harry Truman. "I take NO responsibility!" Donald Trump.

To those who fight against free health care and other liberal ideas, the government stimulating your pocketbook is another step towards socialism. Send it back.

China gives us the coronavirus, and we have to get our antibiotics from it also. Anyone else see this as a problem besides me?

What did 58,220 American dead from the Vietnam War have in common with the 58,220 dead expected last week? Trump didn't fight for either one.

"Crisis reveals character." President Donald Trump has certainly proven how true that axiom is.

Why don't we declare obesity, heart disease, traffic accidents and the flu to be pandemics? They kill lots of people every day.

Which headline sells more newspapers: "President Trump looks at alternatives to cure virus," or "President Trump says to use bleach to cure virus."

Mayor Berke, thanks for your wise laws and rules, trying to save lives. I'm shocked that the reckless governor could overrule you.

Four members of the same family die in a house fire in Chattanooga. Small notice on third page of second section of your paper. Names never even listed. Shame on you, TFP!

U.S was late to WWI, WWII, Vietnam, COVID-19. But we recover well. First time ever, authority left with states, not defaulted to big government. Correct.

Why is Andrew Cuomo a hero? His state was least prepared, late to quarantine, with poorest, unhealthy people getting sick. Mass transit open. He's a leader?

Just compare Gov. Cuomo's news conferences with President Trump's and draw your own conclusions.

If you want to reopen your business, show me your plan to keep employees and customers safe. Post it to social media/website. Then I'll return.

CARES funds should go only to truly small businesses, not big corporations filing for each subsidiary. Shame on them. They're cash rich. Give it back.

Andy Berke, known for bike lanes and duplicating domestic violence center, announces his plan on CNN for city. Who does he think he is?

Quit complaining about not having internet service. Most of you have a roof over your head. Chattanooga is a "spoiled" population. Thanks, EPB and helpers!

Biden should pick Hillary in honor of Abbott and Costello. After all, he doesn't even know who's on first.

Pam Sohn, your constant complaining about Trump is getting old. You made your point. Now lead, follow or get out of the way.

So many people ignoring one-way aisles while shopping and not wearing masks. Social distancing protects everyone. This virus is deadly with no cure.

Western civilization will soon be restored. It should comfort us all that tattoo parlors will be re-opening. Thanks be to God!

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