I rarely agree with Trump, but he did set reasonable guidelines for reopening the country. Why are governors not following and opening their states anyway?

Just received a letter signed by Trump, which he didn't write, telling me about my stimulus payment. How much did that cost us taxpayers?

To be elected as a Republican in Georgia, you better be able to show you can blow up stuff with your assault rifle.

Increasing corona cases due to more testing, not from opening up the economy. Look at hospitalizations and deaths for true numbers

Why isn't the media treating the Biden accuser the same as the Kavanaugh accuser? Presidency not as important as Supreme Court justice? Think on it.

Au contraire, TFP. 150 clowns on the Bridge does not a "divide" make. The vast silent majority supports the shutdown.

Have you noticed everyone telling you we need to wait to open has not missed one single paycheck?

Old New Deal provided work and training for the jobless creating infrastructure. New New Deal provides mad money for tattoos, bowling and eating out.

Seen on the news and the newspaper: I wonder "where are the masks, Chattanooga!" Wear your masks to protect me. I will also, to protect you.

Trump compares his pandemic success to the worst case — doing nothing. Doesn't it terrify you that he even thinks that was an option?

Rhonda, you're wrong. Teachers work harder than you. Their work is more challenging than yours. Their work impacts lives more than yours. Teachers deserve raises!

It's a sad day when unemployment pays more than a working job does.

All nonessential elected politicians should go home and shelter in place. Front-line heroes, medical workers and truckers will keep America functioning, free and safe!

So tired of all the bickering about COVID-19. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Have people forgotten that God in in control?

Nancy gets credit for being a socialist, but the checks for everyone was one of Trumps ideas! So who is the socialist?

President Trump's great mistake in combating COVID-19 was failing to appoint Clay Bennett in charge.

What do Trump and WWE SmackDown have in common? They both love to fight, their fans love them and they're fake.

Chattanooga Times' [editorial page editor] Pam Sohn has been infected with the Trump virus for four years. I hope the coronavirus doesn't last that long. Sure plays with your mind.

If the TFP's biased cartoonist, Clay Bennett, caricatured the media as an ostrich, its head would not in the sand, but in a body cavity.

Why doesn't Mayor Berke state his data source? Is that data source different from Mayor Coppinger's? If same data source, why different direction?

We've got to save the postal service. They're out of money in June. Republicans want to privatize and exploit it. Call your representative to help.

Blue collars forced to work in meat plants in virus hot spots; no health care for virus-stricken prisoners; rich people get tax breaks. Life in America.

How about a little less about COVID-19 and a lot more about the hundreds of homes and families affected by the tornadoes!? Have you traveled Jenkins Road, Standifer Gap, etc.?

My wife has been cutting my hair. No charge, and each haircut comes with a coupon to urgent care for wound treatment.

Thank you for The Rant. With no internet for 18 days due to the tornado, I could read it in the Sunday paper.

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