Those who call our nation's free press the "enemy of the people" should move to Russia or China. I'll happily buy their one way ticket.

Democrats are playing Monday-morning quarterback. It is always easier to say what should have been after it has already been done.

Trump is gifting most Americans. He doesn't wear a mask, is not social distancing and now says he is taking hydroxychloroquine. MAGAs, say goodbye soon!

Pelosi's $3 trillion bill is to placate Dems for their November vote. It will never pass. She thinks we're stupid and won't read it.

Common-sense government decisions about reopening are harder to find than a bottle of Clorox wipes.

When asking a person in a medical office why she wasn't wearing a mask, she said it was her personal discretion, to not protect me.

How does it come down to two dirty, old white men? How did that happen? There are other choices. Wake up, America. Do something.

Is fake news news you don't want to believe or news too damaging to believe?

A recent letter writer was exactly right. Media hysteria pushed a narrative and unfortunately people bought. Ruined economy and livelihoods. Hope they are happy.

Of the people, by the people, for the people is not the way Trump leads. He is of himself, by himself and for himself.

Look for a busy five-lane street with no bicycles, and it will have a bike lane before you know it. And fewer lanes.

I am afraid for our country. We don't have any leaders who are capable of leading us through this COVID-19 fight. Pray for our country.

Trump is willing to risk opening the economy and death for Americans for re-election. Can't you people see that?

Just exactly how much money can we print? How exactly are we going to balance revenues and expenses? Entitlement cuts? Pay attention; it matters who governs.

Who do you believe? A politician who wants to keep power and gain more wealth, or a doctor who's studied infectious diseases for 30-plus years?

Stupidity or coronavirus. Guess which is more contagious?

You now have a wider sidewalk to go from Dalewood to the airport or rock quarry. Thank you, mayor. Who will use this? Big money wasted.

I hope intelligent Americans can see the only objective for Democrats and the liberal media is to beat Trump. It is not to help Americans.

Thank you, Fox Sports, for reruns of the 1995 World Series, other old Braves games, and even a 1965 All-Star game in black and white. What fun!

No wonder we are out of paper products. Schumer wipes his tears, Pelosi wipes away ice cream and Biden wipes brow sweat.

Volkswagen is applying for more air permits. Car emissions testing is here to stay. The little people will have to pay the price.

The pale horse has arrived. Sadly, too many will mount and take their leave. There are precautions to forestall infirmity. Don't be a Covidiot.

If we don't return to our downtown offices for months — or ever — what happens to downtown?

Don't be complacent, fellow readers. This deadly virus is highly contagious. You don't want to die gasping for air.

I guess we are all learning that Mother Nature still is in charge. We think we are; our arrogance will be our downfall.

Poor Pam Sohn has "Trump fatigue." Try this: Talk about something else. Solve a problem. Propose a program. Smile. Help. Stop grumbling about Trump.

Everything is not either red or blue. Most things are black or white. Facts matter. Verify your news source continuously. Emotional news not fact-based.

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