Having a car in the garage doesn't make me a mechanic, and being in church doesn't necessarily make you a Christian. Stay home, be well.

If you are still bringing in money during the shutdown, we really don't care about your input on opening back up.

I thank those who care for me by wearing masks. I thank those who care for the elderly and children.

Nancy Pelosi is worth $120 million. How about that? Think about it.

Trump is refusing to unveil the Obamas' portraits. Just when you thought he couldn't possibly get any more petty or small ...

Dems, who will be president if Joe Biden elected? Your strategy for quick succession is obvious.

Trump touts his economy as the greatest in U.S. history but forgets to thank low-wage Chinese workers for their contributions to his business genius.

Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul should return to Kentucky to dig coal and raise coon dogs, but that may be above their pay grades. No leadership ability!

COVID-19 testing by Kroger Health+ at Camp Jordan was very organized and efficient. The Hamilton County Health Department could learn a lesson from the Kroger operation.

Joe Biden criticized President Trump for taking a two-day vacation. Joe, of course, does not need a vacation, having done nothing for 50 years.

Corrupt Obama giving commencement speeches. Heaven help the kids.

A woman and her doctor can decide to have an abortion, but President Trump and his doctor can't decide to take a pill?

Fake news alert! Which is truthful and which is not? A: Voice of America Radio. B: Voice of America Trump. No brainer.

The residents of the Wheeler and Walker homes should first thank the National Guard for their service in keeping us free, and then be thankful for the free tests.

The sky is falling! Not. Please, could we move on? Time to open America, schools and colleges. Media hysteria needs to go. Stop scaring people.

I would suggest legislation to create an award comparable to the Purple Heart for front-line coronavirus workers who died of the disease.

Georgia political candidates: "Shoot something," "punch something." Tough stuff!

Erlanger has lost an excellent doctor in Dr. Tom Devlin.

Counted 32 non-Hamilton County cars out of 50 at Chester Frost, including 18 from Georgia. Live 10 minutes away, but cannot launch my boat?

So we can pack into a dirt racetrack, join the crowds at big box retailers like Lowe's and Home Depot, but I can't take my dog to a dog park?

If soap and water kills coronavirus, why is the shower closed at my health club? Is there a study about this?

Paving Glenwood Drive, a much-needed road repair. Making one lane each way and adding bike lanes, crazy.

Really! Money for sidewalk to nowhere with expensive handrails along Shallowford Road but no cash to repave washboard surfaces on Bailey and McCallie avenues.

I took a 24-hour break from cable TV "news" and the internet. And I reclaimed hours of sanity. Try it.

Isn't hindsight grand? I love reading all of the commentary second-guessing this decision or that decision. So not very helpful these days.

If calculating the infection rate is too challenging for you, ask a fourth-grader for help.

Does the TFP refuse to print my Rants because they are better than Clay Bennett's loony "cartoons"? Partiality of the press?

Does it count if you social distance on a bus, but not on the baseball field?

Please wear your mask to protect me. I am wearing my mask to protect you. A simple kindness that is appreciated.

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