Boy, I miss the 60s — no social media, no cell phones, no CNN and Fox News, no coronavirus. And Donald Trump was in junior high school.

Federal election days should be a national holiday with pay.

If you didn't vote; don't complain. If you did vote, enjoy the privilege.

We are becoming a Third-World nation if there are riots and violence if the election does not go your way.

Almost half of Florida's Latino voters voted for a guy who openly doesn't want them here. Go figure.

Hear the prophet of the Lord God: Donald Trump will be re-elected. So much social unrest. Much trouble, America.

More testing equals more COVID cases equals more help for a failing Democrat campaign, ignoring small death ratio. Trump ran against Biden, Harris and coronavirus.

If you voted and your candidate lost, don't go to the streets. Go to organizing for 2022 and 2024.

If Trump doesn't represent your values, are you implying that Biden does? Really? Don't see the difference except one gets work done and one doesn't.

Supreme Court allows census to end. Democrats furious. Less illegal alien voters counted. Not in the count for House of Representative apportionment.

Amazing. Breonna Taylor is killed by police in her bed, and the only officer charged is the one who missed.

Pam Sohn and Leonard Pitts are sad. All they write about is hate, gloom and doom. Readers deserve better.

Trump: investigation. No evidence. Biden: evidence. No investigation. Media: This is not censorship.

Perspective, anyone? 1918 flu deaths were 1 per 157 Americans. 2020 COVID deaths are 1 per 1,547. 1/10 as many equals worst ever pandemic ever?

All this Republican talk about court packing. How can the Democrats do what you have already accomplished? So hypocritical.

White guilt gives affection, not respect. Pandering, not voice. Gestures, not friendship. Can't you see it?

I just wanted to say thank you to the writer of an Oct. 25 letter to the editor, "Trump representative of all Republicans." I agree wholeheartedly, and say, amen, brother.

Hullcos's recent commercial was a perfect example of satire on the political commercials we have to endure. Thank you, Matt Hullander.

America is 4% of the world's population but has more than 20% of the COVID deaths. Our government's response was worse than Third World countries.

Wow. TDOT's work at the split is impressive. It's finally fun to drive home at night. Well done.

Your columnist Ron Hart's only goal seems to be riling up the right-wing QAnon members. Is that really what a newspaper should be doing?

How many cable TV pundits would switch political sides with a doubled salary?

Looking forward to divided government for four more years. Let's see who blinks first to put the country first.

Why do we, the ones who pay, tolerate doctors who keep us waiting — sometimes for hours? Am I missing something here?

Oh joy. We will know who our next president will be soon enough. Now we have to endure the Chattanooga mayoral race. Campaigning is never-ending.

Can someone please clean up the property on the left next to the Bachman Tubes into East Ridge? It has been an eyesore for months.

Tennesseans are wondering who Bill Hagerty will most resemble in the United States Senate — Lamar Alexander or Marsha Blackburn.

Methinks the Hamilton County sheriff should make more money for what he does, but Sheriff Hammond picked the wrong time to ask for a raise.

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