Interesting and revealing how the COVID-19 vaccine news came out on Nov. 9, rather than on Nov. 2, the day before the election. Coincidence? Yeah, right.

Should President-elect Biden's attorney be searching for voter fraud in red states that voted overwhelmingly for Trump? Seems fair.

Decency, empathy, caring won this election. Lying, narcissism, delusions of grandeur lost it.

If a contested football play may be reviewed, why can't something as important as a contested presidential election?

Don't believe my vote counts. Don't believe in my government. Can we take our country back? Red, blue let's be purple and stop the madness.

What in the world will Mika, Joe and Rachel have to get all lathered up about with a Biden presidency? Their golden goose will be gone.

Excessive lying, senseless tweets, name-calling, making fun of mask-wearing Jared, Eric and Don Jr.: He beat himself.

Let's shut down the country so Joe Biden doesn't get "woke" from his frequent naps.

America's "We the People," by popular vote, said we don't want you. Pack up, take all of your kids and move to Russia. Farewell.

Watched the doting media ask dotage*-stricken Biden questions at a post-election news conference. Seemed more like a slow-pitch softball game. [* see definition].

POTUS' current behavior solidifies that I made the right choice in voting for President-elect Biden.

The Democrats have given us a ray of hope after we die. Every two years on Election Day we can come out of our graves and vote for them.

Where will the Trump presidential library be? All of the phone booths are gone.

Pam Sohn referred to Joe Biden as a "seasoned politician," a cryptic descriptor for someone who has done nothing for 48 years.

Too bad the rant has a word limit. We can't list the more than 20,000+ lies that Trump has told the American people.

Big money, Big Tech and little politicians have brainwashed the masses and defeated a populist. Who could've guessed?

If Donald Trump had taken a proactive role from the start in dealing with the threat of the coronavirus pandemic, he would easily have been re-elected as president.

If Biden soaks the rich with new taxes, the rich will soak the poor with higher prices for goods and services.

Moving day is coming, Donald. Start a new beautiful moving company with your two sons. Two men and a Trump. It will be bigly.

We are not a country politically at the extremes. Come on, folks, focus on the middle. That's where we are.

Trump and his ilk are discovering that we are a country of laws as courts throw out his frivolous election lawsuits.

The Dems screaming "defund" the police cost them mightily. They don't ever learn.

If you called COVID-19 a hoax, election infection, refused to wear a mask or social distance, please don't ask me to pray for you, your family or friends.

It's amazing the number of cars I see driving around with expired tags. Can not the police see this also?

Little did I realize the dude I accidentally cut off in traffic was deaf until he started using redneck sign language.

Tennessee football player is shelved because he forgot to keep up with his academics. What?

Kind hearts are the garden, kind thoughts are the roots, kind words the flowers, kind deeds are the fruits. — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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