First the Nobel to Obama, now an Emmy to Cuomo! Next a Toastmasters Award to Biden for his speech-making on CNN.

Republicans and Democrats should begin to work together for the people. Forget their party and think about the future of the United States.

Rome burned while Nero fiddled; COVID rampaged while Trump golfed.

Is it so hard to give Trump credit where credit is due? Vaccines are on the way, under his watch.

Virus cases continue to rise. Yet fall festivals organized, Christmas cookie exchange invites are out, ice skating begins, churches reopen — go figure! Makes no sense to me.

Joe, student debt is a voluntary act. I'll pay my taxes but not somebody else's bills. No, Joe.

There is a perilous sickness in America when people feel entitled to threaten elections workers, the very citizens who make our democracy work.

Dolly Parton did more to get rid of the coronavirus than Donald J. Trump.

No blue wave for the Dems this year. They might want to do an autopsy on their failing message. Hint: America is a center-right country.

Trump is departing like a childish 1970s rock band on tour. He is going to trash the hotel before he checks out.

John Kerry in charge of U.S. climate policies? Wow. Between him and Biden, are we going to be able to stay awake?

You, the taxpayer, are paying for Trump's expensive efforts to overturn the election. Even his handpicked Homeland Security secretary couldn't find any fraud. Embarrassing.

Sen. Blackburn's attack on Chattanooga's Chinese sister city seems so petty in this time of great crisis, but then how can we MAGA without a target to hate?

I find it curious that the [Georgia] senators running for re-election are not running any commercials touting what they've done, only slinging mud.

Guess who the richest senator in the U.S. is? That's right, Georgians, your girl Kelly Loeffler. Do you really think she cares about you?

Thank you, Tennessee. Staying red means you are very intelligent. Can't say the same for Georgia.

If the Democrats win, when can I expect my free stuff ? I want my free stuff now.

How much longer are we going to put up with these no-mask-wearing people who are endangering the rest of us?

Down the road, people will look back at history and say, "Really? People wouldn't wear a piece of cloth over their faces to prevent death?"

How can 46% of people testing positive for COVID-19 be asymptomatic, i.e., no symptoms?

Masks compare to a life preserver offered a passenger on a sinking cruise ship who replies, "No, thank you, I won't wear one because it restricts my freedom to swim."

Your feature "Not Real News: What Didn't Happen Last Week" could save a lot of ink by printing only three words: "Everything Trump said."

It was the death of local newspapers that drove people to Facebook, a very untrustworthy source of news and conspiracy theories. Problematic.

Selective facts. Incomplete stories. Hyped emotion. Personal rhetoric. All served to you by the news media. Shameful.

Local leaders battling COVID-19 fatigue? I'm battling hearing about it 24 hours a day.

Thank you, HCS-Ed Connect and EPB, for conquering the digital divide by providing internet to those who have to work and learn from home.

We are blessed to have the nation's best political cartoonist here at the TFP. Clay Bennett is an absolute treasure!

Tennesseans are blessed with some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Unfortunately, some of them consider it to be their trash can. Two words: Stop it.

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