That debate was a disaster all the way around, starting with the host who lost control. No policy debate. Cancel the rest of them.

Homeless evacuation speaks volumes about how our city fails to deal with the homeless population. Remember that next March.

One wonders why if RBG wanted to perpetuate her judicial bent that she didn't retire during the Obama administration instead of hoping for the grant of a deathbed wish.

I don't care what Trump paid in taxes. We all use the same codes/laws. Don't like those? Call your congressman. They make the laws.

I've got a great idea: Let's all just pay $750 in income tax this year in honor of our president, who has shown us how to beat the system.

Gangster Al Capone broke laws and caused many deaths. But what sent him to federal prison was tax evasion, where he died of venereal disease. Trump?

As president, Mr. Trump uncorked the "genie's" bottle of human ugliness by injecting the influence of the office to imply that behaving ugly is acceptable.

Hey, Pelosi is Catholic, Biden is Catholic, and that is just fine. Judge Amy Coney Barrett is Catholic, and she's no good.

Hey people, wake up! Medicare-for-All does not mean free health care. My Medicare cost me $3,600 per year, plus some deductibles and co-pays.

Richest man in the world, the Russian dictator, has apparently purchased a sitting American president.

Sure, there's lots of worry about Putin/Russia, but USA better be focused on China. That's where our real challenges are in the years ahead.

Where in the Constitution does it say a Supreme Court justice, selected to enforce and interpret the Constitution, gets to pick his or her successor?

Nov. 4, the "day after" — hope or chaos?

Then: "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime." Now: "Catch and release." Scary — and not justice.

To Republicans who say Trump haters should leave the country. Why didn't you leave when Obama was president?

Has anyone seen any "Veterans for Biden" signs?

Democrats are so used to committing fraud that I think they think everyone else is too. Shame on them.

QAnon adherents obviously didn't appropriate the "Q" from IQ.

The only thing I dread more than being on the "The Jerry Springer Show" is another four years of Donald's incompetency in the White House.

Dems should change their logo from a donkey to a cat chasing its tail. Lots of activity, no results, and they look foolish doing it.

What looks fake is real; real is fake. Facts are false. Rhetoric is truth. Emotions are accurate. Actualities don't matter. Make it what you want.

The number of COVID-19 cases were reported after the Sturgis motorcycle rally. Will the COVID-19 cases after Trump's maskless, packed rallies be reported?

President Trump gets energized to nominate a new Supreme Court justice. Why doesn't he get just as energized to fight COVID-19?

Elections have consequences. GOP has the edge now. It doesn't have to be that way next time around. It's up to you.

Clay Bennett is a genius. He speaks a thousand words with his art. I love how he captures the true absurdity of our America and the Village Idiot.

Please don't publish photos of hate symbols made by ignorant idiots. That publicity emboldens and encourages them even more.

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