"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." — Edmund Burke

Thirty years of knowing President Trump's deeds and misdeeds and 47 years of knowing Joe Biden's deeds and misdeeds. Conclusive .

Safety and security for the virus and riots are states' responsibility, not the president's. Just because you want to blame Trump, it doesn't calculate.

I do not consider myself wealthy, yet I paid three times the taxes that Mr. Trump did.

"Peaceful transition"? Have the Dems' actions of screaming "collusion," "impeachment," "guilty," and constantly scowling their hatred for Trump been peaceful? Nothing peaceful in the last four years.

Trump signed America First bill "to lower prescription prices" so why is my Medicare Part D prescription plan going from $29 monthly to $82 in 2021?

Are you better off now than you were four years ago? I am, and I am voting for Trump to keep it that way.

Divide and conquer. Trump has America deeply divided. Will "bestie" Comrade Putin now conquer? I've already switched to Russian vodka.

Hate is destroying this nation, its government and its fabric. Is that what you want?

Wow! For the last week or so, karma's been working harder than Santa at Christmas.

Our president is a genius at playing media. Tapping handrail said "in your face".

There were more whoppers told during the first presidential debate than Burger King has ever sold.

Let's defund Pelosi.

Now that Trump's Supreme Court nominees appear to ensure a pro-life court, maybe evangelicals will see him for the flawed character he is and put their support elsewhere.

So Biden will shift taxes onto corporations. Don't be fooled. Corporations will pass the costs of taxes to you, the consumer.

I wonder why all our mail sent this year has been received except my wife's absentee ballot? Something seems to be wrong.

Upset about the amount of taxes paid by President Trump? Change the tax laws sponsored by Joe Biden.

About Trump's drive-by stunt: Secret Service agents will bravely take a bullet for the president. Normally, it's not the president doing the shooting.

Trump has nothing to worry about. COVID-19 only affects old people with pre-existing conditions.

To a recent ranter: Yes, there is a veterans for Biden sign down the street from me.

We Democrats strongly support the right to vote. Death should not interfere with that right as long as the name on the tombstone is legible

Be honest. If we didn't have the liberal media-driven COVID hysteria, would you have noticed anything different about the past flu season?

We are starting to look like Portland with our homeless. They are peddling and camping on public property. Tourists will stop coming. We will too.

TFP: Please keep political opinion out of the Faith and Family section. Mattingly is a regular offender and the most recent Stonestreet piece was way beyond the pale.

When is the Tennessee Highway Patrol going to stop the out of control "crotch rockets" (motorcycles) from speeding and swerving around others on Highway 153 between Northgate and Grubb Road?

Clay Bennett knows that President Trump has disavowed white supremacists multiple times, but he is not one to let the truth get in the way of a good cartoon.

Vote early. Vote in person. Don't let your vote get "lost".

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