Your vote shows your vision and patriotism for our country. If you go into the voting booth blindfolded, please stay home. It may go wrong.

Everyone wants term limits for our elected officials. Well, now's your chance, folks. Vote out all the incumbents. Every one of them.

Supreme Court issues: Biden/Harris say "Let the American people decide." How are we supposed to decide if they won't tell us where they stand?

Don't let the Dems turn the USA into a democracy where 51% rule. We are a republic by design, where laws rule, not people/politicians.

When Trump leaves office in January, what will happen to his 36% base of followers?

Is it really possible that the COVID virus attacks only Republicans in Washington? Would the Democrats even admit having it. Would the media report it?

Is Mrs. Trump OK? President Trump hasn't mentioned his wife since they both tested positive. That is selfish of him.

Who will you blame for everything, from pandemics to forest fires to crime, when we still have them and Trump is no longer President?

A presidential debate is a terrible thing to waste.

President Trump did the best he could against two opponents — Biden and Wallace. It will be even more one- sided if CNN or ABC presides. Sad.

If the objective of the vice presidential debate was to evade questions and obfuscate, Pence won handily. Still waiting for GOP health care plan.

So who was that standing so dramatically on the balcony? Evita Peron? No, it was our president saying he felt wonderful while struggling to breathe.

Wrong role — Trump as Superman is a pitiful play on reality, a cartoon figure who flies high only inside the confines of a twisted mind.

Trump has done more in 47 months than Biden in 47 years — to divide the country, attack democracy and degrade standing and image of the USA.

Possibly two million deaths were predicted from COVID-19. We could still get there with four more years of Trump and Pence.

Who but Fox News would admiringly call the president "an apex predator"? This is a compliment? Vote Joe.

Surely pro-lifers are also incensed by the 210,000 COVID deaths this year and will vote out the administration that did nearly nothing to prevent them.

Schools boosted graduation rates because grades could not be lowered, only raised, once COVID hit. Even if you didn't show up virtually. Don't be fooled.

Think about all the ruckus over anonymous news. It's like anonymous callers. If your name's not on it, I ignore it. Not worth my time.

I'm so tired of illogic. Cloth or paper masks can leak particles when you cough or sneeze but still slow the spread of coronavirus.

In response to a recent letter writer: There are 1 million microns in a meter, not an inch. This is a perfect example of the science that has gotten us in trouble. Wear a mask.

Militiamen and gun rights folks have every right to own every automatic weapon they want. They do not have the right to brandish them about in public in a manner threatening to others.

Great job, city codes enforcement commandos. Lupton City factory sits in ruins for a decade while you fine recent tornado victims for uncut grass.

Let's use all energy removing statues. A must! To heck with safety, awful roads, education, weekly shootings, drugs, child abuse, etc. Priorities?

2020 rationale for casting a presidential vote: "Well, at least he's not as bad as the other guy."

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